Snapsheet is Making Auto Insurance Claims More Convenient

What’s more traumatic than car accidents? Going through the distressing process of filing claims. Snapsheet, the company that won the Best Insurtech Solution at the 2018 Benzinga Fintech Awards earlier this year is changing that. As of 2016, 268.8 million registered vehicles are runni...

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Aishwarya | June 21, 2018

Reddit says Hello to Advertisers and Brand Marketers in the Windy City

A couple of months back, we saw Reddit expanding to mid-west with a new office in Chicago. The presence of major brands and advertising agencies in Chicago will give Reddit a straight-forward access to the marketing community in the region. The senior director of c...

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Aishwarya | June 20, 2018

Butcher Box’s 100 Percent Grass-Fed Meat is as Natural as it Gets

The food industry in the US, specifically the animal farming industry is gaining infamy. In consumers’ opinion, animal farming has become synonymous with animal cruelty and truly so! Farming factories focus on gaining maximum output while minimizing investment. Farmers cram animals...

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Aishwarya | June 18, 2018

Hey Google, DuckDuckGo reached 25 million daily searches

In 2016, Gabriel Weinberg, the CEO of the DuckDuckGo search engine was asked by Forbes what his company’s biggest selling point was. He said, ‘we don’t track you’. The reporter followed-up with “… what are you protecting me from?” Weinberg’s answer began with two simple w...

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Apekshita Varshney | June 4, 2018

Formlabs’ 3D Printer – The Business Of Printing The Future

In the early 2000s, engineers, designers, and creativists were obsessing over the immediate, printable future. They would use open source to build 3D printers and throw buzzwords like changing humanity around. The big idea was 3D printing (a collection of processes where lay...

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Apekshita Varshney | May 31, 2018

Be ‘Non-line’ – Brideside Co-Founder on B2C Customer Acquisition (Part II)

Chicago: During Techweek Chicago Growth Summit, Sonali Lamba, Co-Founder of Brideside, shared her views about B2C marketplaces. In Part 2 of this 3 part series, she talks about the key indicators used by Brideside to measure its customer acquisition performance. “We ensure that ‘peace of mind’ is a fundamen...

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Techweek Media | January 16, 2018