CoSchedule is making digital marketing easier for everyone

Companies across the world are increasingly adopting digital channels to market themselves to users. According to the annual CMO survey, 44.3% of marketing budgets are spent on digital marketing. In the next five years, it will finally overtake traditional channels and is projected to reach 54.1% by 2023. ...

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Vipul Nanda | November 8, 2018

CataBoom: Turning Wasted Time into Real Cash Prizes

Today’s advertisers face a problem that no one could have imagined forty years ago: How do you reach consumers when people spend more time looking at their phones than watching TV? With the decline in TV viewership and the rapid rise in video games, advertising money is quic...

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Michaela Cross | November 8, 2018

Adrich – A Smart Label that Tells Businesses How You Use Their Product

Would you be willing, or even able, to report to a company how much of their toilet paper you use every morning, whether you brush your teeth with their toothpaste twice a day as recommended, how many times a week you really do shampoo your hair, or how many glass...

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Sharanya Gopinathan | November 2, 2018

Silicon Ranch: Providing Clean and Cost-Effective Solar Power

Human population growth has emerged as a pertinent threat to the biodiversity and ecology of the Earth. As the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issues a deadline of until 2030 for the planet to stem catastrophic climate change in a landmark report, it becomes essential t...

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Dhruv Bhasin | November 1, 2018

Eat Healthy with Smart Vending Machines by Farmer’s Fridge

For those always on the go, maintaining a healthy diet can be near impossible. These individuals recognize the benefits of a balanced diet but just don’t have the time to prepare packed lunches. This has led to the mushrooming of smart vending machines that don’t house hig...

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Pooja Pillai | October 25, 2018

It’s Done. Robots Have Replaced Humans At Spyce Food

Spyce Food, a Boston-based restaurant, serves healthy bowls and salads starting $7.50 apiece—a price cheaper than its competitors in the area. The lower price, without any compromise on quality, is possible because of Spyce’s robotic kitchen where a line of woks, not chefs, cook the m...

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Apekshita Varshney | October 23, 2018