La Creme – Fashion Accessories for the Young Adult

La Creme – Fashion Accessories for the Young Adult


Name: La Creme

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2017

Founder(s): Unknown


Social Media: 87 Likes on Facebook, 208 Followers on Instagram

INDUSTRY – Online Retail

Size: $2.8Tn (2018) (Source: Statista)

Projections: $4.8Tn by 2021 (Source: Statista)


La Creme is a Chicago-based online store for women’s fashion accessories. The website sells a small variety of extremely affordable accessories, and has paid options for speedy delivery within 1 to 3 days. Given their pricing, the nature of the styles on offer, the models on their website and La Creme’s use of social media influencers to promote their merchandise online, the website seems to be aimed at young women, particularly high-schoolers, college-goers and other young adults.

The Product

La Creme sells sunglasses, earrings, watches, cosmetic bags, keychains, purses and bags, socks and phone accessories. Their products are relatively inexpensive: the most expensive product for sale on the website at the time of writing is a $25 backpack, and most products on the site are priced at either $5 or $10, with some pieces of jewellery even going for $2.

Their products can be ordered online on their website, and are also sold at occasional pop-up stores in Chicago. La Creme share frequent sales and coupon codes on their Facebook and Instagram pages, for events like Black Friday, Easter and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. La Creme often shares photos and posts of influencers wearing their products.

Origin and Founding Team

As of publishing, we could find no publicly available information about the origin and founding team of the website but that it has existed since August 2017.

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