Printavo – Shop and project management software, simplified

Printavo – Shop and project management software, simplified


Name: Printavo

Legal: Printavo, Inc

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2012

Founder(s): Bruce Ackerman 


Social Media: 8966 followers on Instagram, 3062 followers on Twitter, 2099 followers on Facebook,  and 213 followers on LinkedIn

Industry: Workflow Management Software 

Size: $4.8B (Source: Grand View Research

Projections: Expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.7% from 2019 to 2025 (Source: Grand View Research


Printavo is a simple cloud-based software that helps shops streamline workflows and grow their businesses. Customized explicitly for print, embroidery, promotional product and sign shops, Chicago-based Printavo helps companies reach the next level. With Printavo, shops use a single tool to simplify scheduling, invoicing, payments, and approvals. 

The Product

Designed to help shops manage all processes central to running businesses, Printavo eases workflow management, documentation, accounting, and collections. The solution empowers print shops to grow their businesses with improved efficiency, enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and delighted clients. 

Printavo helps employees, irrespective of their location, to stay updated on the current workflow status with a clear calendar detailing what’s due for the month and color-coded order statuses. Clarity on workflow status helps employees move forward and take the next actions towards fulfilling customer orders seamlessly. Additionally, the software allows for creating separate production deadlines and customer due-dates to distinguish internal processes for better management. 

Rather than cluttering mailboxes, Printavo enables shops to message their customers directly for clarifications, quotes, and creative approvals. The platform securely stores these messages and approvals alongside other customer information, be it history, billing, or shipping information, that is readily accessible on demand.

Printavo also empowers businesses to collect payments seamlessly with features to send automated payment requests, follow-ups, and secure links to pay for orders. The links ensure a faster collection of payments and facilitate collection in over 138 currencies. 

Furthermore, businesses can gain from the analytics offered by Printavo to understand their business and identify growth levers better. Detailed analytics on revenue, expenses, sales per client, sales per employee, and sales per product line help businesses deep-dive into their performance and identify areas for improvement. 

Printavo Merch accelerates growth for print shops by offering an integrated platform for brands to create online stores within minutes. The store helps shops increase sales by selling custom-print merchandise online for team orders, company orders, or fundraisers. 

With over 1000+ integrations with software solutions such as Quickbooks Online, SanMar, Stripe, Google, and more, the platform helps businesses save time and enhance productivity. 

Origin and Founding Team

Printavo was founded in 2012 by Bruce Ackerman. Running a collegiate screen-printing business based at the University of Illinois, Bruce observed that tracking the status of jobs became challenging as the company grew. He realized that none of the existing apps met the requirements of print-shops to track orders, monitor status, and provide clarity on the next steps. The solutions available then were complicated and expensive, and he felt the need for a simple software to keep track of orders as they came in. 

This gap led him to build Printavo, a seamless solution to organize workflows efficiently so that all employees and clients are on the same page. With a mission to make businesses productive, Printavo helps them by automating and customizing operational processes to reduce costs and project turnaround time.

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