XSELL Technologies – Revolutionizing sales teams with AI

XSELL Technologies – Revolutionizing sales teams with AI


Name: XSELL Technologies

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2014

Founder(s): Matt Coughlin

Website: https://xselltechnologies.com/

Social Media: 949 Followers on Facebook, 701 Followers onLinkedIn, and 35 Followers on Twitter

Industry: Artificial Intelligence Software

Size: $9.5B (Source: Statista

Projections: $118.6B by 2025 (Source: Statista


XSELL Technologies is a cloud-based platform utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance customer interactions across retail, healthcare, telecommunications, and financial industries. Based in Chicago, it helps companies address customer inquiries effectively by supporting sales agents in real-time with the best responses, service, and personalized recommendations. Employing cutting-edge augmented intelligence, XSELL Technologies helps companies drive better customer engagement and loyalty by enhancing their sales and marketing efforts.

The Product

XSELL Technologies is driven by the mission to make the capability of a company’s top-selling agent available for every customer. The XSELL experience platform offers various products that aim to increase engagement and streamline customer experiences. With focused tools for every stage of digital engagement, the tools enable companies to have successful customer interactions each time.

Adopting Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, the platform equips chat agents with the best possible responses in real-time. The tool suggests dialogue plans based on scenario-based customer paths and data-driven sales strategies that have higher rates of conversion. 

The product recommendation tool explicitly helps companies with a variety of SKUs and product solutions improve their success rates. By analyzing the customer’s needs and preferences, the platform offers personalized product recommendations to agents to close the deal quickly and effectively while improving customer satisfaction. 

The platform offers solutions to enable companies to differentiate their brands through voice. In today’s world, where businesses rarely quantify the quality of conversations of agents with customers, the Voice CoBot offers optimized workflows and guidance during sales calls that drive results. By improving the quality of discussions in every interaction, XSell Technologies helps brands build brand loyalty and real connections with customers online.

XSELL Technologies also offers specific solutions for e-commerce companies that have high drop-offs during browsing or online shopping. Through a personalization engine, brands using XSELL can provide their customers with an option to choose a subject matter expert they would like to interact with before making buying decisions.

The platform uses RPA technology to recognize customer intent and helps agents identify the most appropriate solution while also charting out the most efficient means of execution. With the belief that AI is your best sales representative, XSELL Technologies offers a wide gamut of offerings, empowering companies to unlock insights from data, make smarter decisions, and capture increased value from its customer base.

Origin and Founding Team

XSELL Technologies was founded in the year 2014 by Matthew Coughlin. An entrepreneur with extensive experience in strategic branding and customer experience, he has a proven track record of growing profitable businesses and delivering results. Having had the opportunity to build large sales teams for several world-class brands, including Disney, Apple, AT&T, GE, AIG, Verizon, and Carnival, he became passionate about the science of sales.

He believed that top-performing sales agents of companies were multiple times better than other agents. To address this disproportionate gap between sales representatives, he thought that AI and ML could be adopted to learn actions, tactics, strategies of how the best ones are doing it to make every individual the best salesperson for a company.

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