Truckies – A platform for truckers to find parking spaces with a click

Truckies – A platform for truckers to find parking spaces with a click


Name: Truckies

Legal Name: Truckies LLC

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: June 2019

Founder(s): Kristina Covarrubias


Social Media Following: 8 Followers on LinkedIn 

INDUSTRY – US Trucking Industry

Size: $796B in 2018 (Source: Statista)


Truckies is a management and navigation tool for truckers. The platform locates available parking space for truckers to help them save time on an otherwise time-consuming process and ensure that they are compliant with rules and regulations.

According to the website, there are 300,000 documented parking spaces for commercial trucks in the US. Yet, 39% of truck drivers spend an hour or longer looking for a place to park their trucks. With Truckies, Founder and CEO Kristina Covarrubias aims to solve this key problem for truck drivers and fleet owners across the US and save them lost time and money.

The Product 

Truckies facilitates the process for truckers and small-business trucking companies to locate parking spaces, file their vehicle taxes, and manage registration and compliance. 

The platform is currently in its beta stage and its website mentions that it will be launched soon with features such as navigation, reporting, and management tools, in addition to parking assistance. ​Through these features, both independent truckers as well as small and mid-sized trucking companies will be able to track and manage their fleets, and plan fleet movements more efficiently to erase blind spots and solve the problem of information mismatch in the trucking ecosystem. 

Origin and Founding Team 

Truckies is founded by Kristina Covarrubias, a software developer with 16 years of experience.

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