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Breuer Premium Dog Food – From Farm to Fido
Vipul Nanda
80 Acres Farms – Bringing Taste and Nutrition Back Into Produce
Bhargav Dhakappa
PartySlate Just Scored a $3M Reason to Party
Vipul Nanda
Uber of Nurse Staffing IntelyCare Raises $14M
Pooja Pillai
AlertMedia Helps Organizations Manage Emergencies
Michaela Cross
The Flex Company’s Tampon Alternative For Comfortable Periods
Apekshita Varshney
Influence Health – the Healthcare Customer Experience Company
Vipul Nanda
Solugen – Ode to a Sustainable Future With Green Chemistry
Pooja Pillai
Big DataData Analytics
Descartes Labs – Refinery That’s Making Satellite Images Usable
Vipul Nanda
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