Editor’s Picks

AISearch Engine
Elude – Spontaneous, budget-friendly travel recommendations platform
Niranjan Balki
Enterprise Applications
Liquid Inc – Reimagining management of the nomadic workforce
Pooja Pillai
Spira – Growing alternate nutrient-rich ingredients from spirulina algae
Sharang Bhaskaran
AutomationEnterprise Applications
Printavo – Shop and project management software, simplified
Shwetha Sivaraman
AIEnterprise Applications
XSELL Technologies – Revolutionizing sales teams with AI
Shwetha Sivaraman
PriceLabs: Automated pricing management for vacation rentals
Pooja Pillai
Home TechInformation ServicesServices
ChoreRelief – Speedy home-care services with a click
Pooja Pillai
Data AnalyticsFoodtechInformation Services
Citispoon – Revolutionizing the app-to-table journey
Shwetha Sivaraman
Twisted Road – Online motorcycle sharing platform for long-distance rentals
Niranjan Balki
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