Editor’s Picks

Sunbox – Smart kiosks for healthy snacking on the go
Sharang Bhaskaran
Nena’s Organics – Handmade and plant-based skin care products
Sharang Bhaskaran
Data AnalyticsRetail
PICKL – helping brands increase their retail visibility
Vipul Nanda
Home Tech
Anyplace – Co-living bookings made easier and flexible
Apekshita Varshney
Relovv – used clothes for a sustainable future
Pooja Pillai
Voxel Healthcare: Clinical support tools for pediatric radiology
Niranjan Balki
Digital MarketingEcommerce
Motif – Digital agency for fashion, lifestyle & luxury brands
Vipul Nanda
Far Tech – Increasing efficiency of Oil and Gas artificial lift systems
Pooja Pillai
EntertainmentSocial Media
Leadr – A new social media platform for real-life experiences
Sharanya Gopinathan
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