Ask (for 3D models) and ye shall receive with Anything World

Ask (for 3D models) and ye shall receive with Anything World


Name: Anything World

Legal Name: Anything World

Location: London, UK

Founded: 2018

Founder(s): Gordon Midwood, Sebastian Hofer


Social Media: 244 followers on Twitter, 10 followers on Facebook, 112 followers on LinkedIn, 83 followers on Instagram

Industry: Global Video Game Industry

Size: $96B in 2018 (Source: Research and Markets)


Anything World is a middleware that lets users request, see, manipulate and experience 3D objects with their voice. This AI-enabled platform does so by bringing together voice computing, 3D rendering, and Natural Language Processing.

Rabbids Playground is an example of an AR app that was built using the startup’s proprietary technology.

The Product

All users need to do is say out loud what they wish to include in the 3D render. Anything World will use machine language and NLP to retrieve it from libraries such as Google Poly and Sketchfab. Then the 3D model will appear on the screen and users can modify or add animations and behaviors to it as they please. Anything World follows a subscription-based business model. 

This app is available on Android and iOS. And the startup currently seeks to support SMEs in marketing or gaming studios to easily create 3D animated worlds powered by voice. 

Origin and Founding Team

In an interview with VUX World, Gordon Midwood states that he and Sebastian Hofer had made a few independent games such as Derrick the Deathfin and Drive!Drive!Drive!. And it was after making the driving app, that Midwood started working with Rehab, an Internet company. Here, he came to recognize the importance and potential of AI and voice. By September 2018, he decided to marry his creative bent of mind with AI and voice experience to build Anything World. 

Around the same time, Midwood’s other startup, Different Cloth announced that it will be using Anything World’s technology to build a range of 3D games. Soon after, Anything World was inducted into the Ubisoft Startup Program at Station F – in January 2019.

Performance and Trends

According to Pitchbook, in July 2019, it secured $120k from the Techstars London chapter.

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