Inoviv – Developing blood tests to match patients with the right drugs

Inoviv – Developing blood tests to match patients with the right drugs


Name: Inoviv

Legal Name: EM Scientific Limited

Location: London, UK

Founded: 2017

Founders: Ernestas Sirka and Michael Dove


Social Media Following: 232 followers on LinkedIn

INDUSTRY: Biotechnology 

Size: $399B in 2017 (Source: Global Market Insights) 

Projections: $775B by 2025


Inoviv works with pharmaceutical companies to develop biomarker tests supporting investigational and marketed therapeutics. The company identifies and stratifies patients to optimize patient enrolment on clinical trials and also makes note of patients who stand to benefit from a therapeutic experience in healthcare settings with bespoke biomarker tests. Inoviv uses its technology platform alongside mass spectrometry-based targeted proteomics. This enables high throughput testing of multiplexed protein, peptide, lipid, and metabolite biomarker panels.

The Product

As a part of its services targeted towards pharmaceutical companies, Inoviv collects samples at its laboratories in the US and UK, analyzes them, and sends the reports back to the companies. 

The proprietary technology developed in-house by the Inoviv team includes a set of unique algorithms and mass spectrometry workflows for its targeted proteomics platform. This platform helps the team at Inoviv measure 50+ fully calibrated molecules per biofluid sample, which helps them develop bespoke tests specific to disease subtypes; ideal to support targeted therapies. 

Inoviv’s platform helps them develop biomarker tests with very high reproducibility and specificity, and the company claims that it improves the throughput compared to other targeted proteomics platforms and protein detection technologies. The team of experts from the pharmaceutical industry, clinical practice and academia operate from CLIA-certified laboratories in the US and GLP/ GCP labs in the UK. 

Origin and Founding Team

Ernestas Sirka is Co-Founder and CSO who has over six years of experience in mass spectrometry through his previous positions at Pfizer and University College London (UCL). His expertise includes the development and clinical implementation of targeted protein and lipid biomarker tests, five of which are in routine use today. 

Michael Dove, Co-Founder & CEO, comes with experience in delivering crucial technology projects supporting clinical trials and regulatory reporting for GSK, Novartis and Merck. His expertise includes project management, customer relationship management, and managing teams.

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