Nivoda – Tech-driven B2B marketplace for diamond and jewelry trading

Nivoda – Tech-driven B2B marketplace for diamond and jewelry trading


Name: Nivoda

Legal Name: Nivoda Limited

Location: London, UK

Founded: 2017

Founders: David Sutton and Andre Woons


Social Media Following: 53 Followers on LinkedIn


Nivoda is an online platform aimed at providing people with reliable access to the world’s diamond supply. The platform combines physical transportation infrastructure with powerful technology to deliver both time and cost savings to members of the diamond & jewelry industry. The B2B platform also helps increase your profits, and make international trading easier, faster and secure. The cost-effective method of diamond trading saves buyers in purchasing, shipping, insurance, and banking. 

The Product

Nivoda’s online platform gives buyers easy access to the global diamond supply with seamlessly-integrated payments and delivery. Diamond suppliers can list their stock for free on the platform and get notified about new orders, while Nivoda entirely handles the payment and delivery. 

Buyers can find diamonds from around the world at the best prices and also have the option of choosing products from several featured companies through a single checkout. Every diamond product listed on Nivoda is quality-checked, insured, and delivered directly to the buyer. 

Origin and Founding Team

Andre Woons, Co-founder & CTO of Nivoda, is a part of Entrepreneur First’s 9th cohort. He previously co-founded Florin, the ‘best peer-to-peer payment application’ in the Netherlands. Prior to that, he has worked as a freelance website and application developer for over 5 years.

David Sutton is CEO & Co-founder at Nivoda and is also Co-Founder at Taylor & Hart. Having spent his entire professional career in the jewelry sector, David saw first-hand the glaring inefficiencies that diamond companies face when trading globally. He realized that the jewelry industry needed a solution built specifically for it, instead of existing technology that was appropriated for the sector through minor tweaks. With his co-founder and tech expert Andre Woons, David identified the key components and features that such a platform would require, and decided to build it from scratch, resulting in the creation of Nivoda.

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