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Editor’s Picks

Perfit: E-commerce platform matching clothes for every body type
Pooja Pillai
Balodana – Online made-to-measure fashion marketplace for women
Sangeeta Rane
AIData AnalyticsGovtech
Xaqt – Helping transform policy and governance with data
Sharang Bhaskaran
Information ServicesServices
Route – Streamlining building services management with tech
Pooja Pillai
Omnetrium: A cloud-based software to drive growth for banks
Niranjan Balki
Enterprise Applications
KPI Sense – Strategic financial support for SaaS startups
Pooja Pillai
Data AnalyticsMedtech
Neurocern – Helping insurance providers assess risk with aging insurers
Niranjan Balki
Digital MarketingMediaServices
Storybeat Studio: Corporate videos by Emmy award-winning producers
Pooja Pillai
Enterprise Applications
Recapped – Enabling more efficient sales processes for enterprises
Laveena Punjabi