Editor’s Picks

Runway ML – harnessing AI to augment creativity
Vipul Nanda
Hubly – Project management platform for independent financial advisors
Sharanya Gopinathan
Rise Products – Upcycling food waste from NY breweries into flour
Sangeeta Rane
AIData AnalyticsEnterprise Applications
Revelio Labs – An analytics-powered platform to access labor market data
Laveena Punjabi
Data AnalyticsMediaVR
Geopipe – Building realistic 3D models of the world with machine learning
Sharang Bhaskaran
AIEnterprise Applications
Gablex – Conversational AI platform for small and medium businesses
Laveena Punjabi
Sunthetics – Developing sustainable alternatives for manufacturing nylon
Sangeeta Rane
ConstructionEnterprise Applications
Acculis – Collaborative AR platform for construction project management
Sharang Bhaskaran
Home TechServices
Hutsy – Simplifying the end-to-end process of buying a home
Sangeeta Rane