Editor’s Picks

AIEnterprise Applications
FairFrame – A communication tool promoting diversity and inclusion
Sangeeta Rane
AIData Analytics
Foresite.ai – A predictive tool to analyze commercial real estate growth
Pooja Pillai
Stix – A discreet and accessible D2C marketplace for pregnancy tests
Niranjan Balki
ChargingLedger – Smart charging technology for electric vehicles
Pooja Pillai
Enterprise Applications
Liquid Diamonds – online NASDAQ for trading in diamonds
Vipul Nanda
BestFit: Connecting students with the right colleges
Niranjan Balki
AIAutomationDigital MarketingSocial Media
Trapica – Effective targeting for social media ad campaigns
Sharang Bhaskaran
Slick Chicks: Side-fastening underwear for diverse body types
Niranjan Balki
Sunbox – Smart kiosks for healthy snacking on the go
Sharang Bhaskaran
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