Cloud Cover Music – In-store music and broadcasting system for retailers

Cloud Cover Music – In-store music and broadcasting system for retailers


Name: Cloud Cover Music 

Legal: Cloud Cover Media, Inc. 

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2011

Founder(s): James C Birch 


Social Media: 335 followers on Twitter, 285 likes on Facebook, 289 followers on LinkedIn 

INDUSTRY – Background Music Market

Size: $1340M in 2019

Projections: $1960M by 2024 (Source: 360 Research Reports)


Cloud Cover Music is a subscription-based music streaming service that allows businesses with one store or multiple outlets to play music legally with a low-cost licensing and set-up. Established with the belief that the right music at the right time of day can boost the ambiance within a store, Cloud Cover Music aims to inspire and create remarkable shopping experiences. 

The Product

Cloud Cover Music offers music streaming across business locations by obtaining licenses with artists, record labels, and publishers. By providing only licensed music to its clients, Cloud Cover Music takes care of the complexities involved in licensing. The software grants businesses access to a wide range of music alternatives that help enhance in-store sales and employee productivity. The music is carefully curated, keeping in mind targeted demography and can be customized to achieve brand consistency. The software offers businesses the freedom to schedule music by time and day of the week, customize mixes, and remove songs at the click of a button. 

Businesses using Cloud Cover Music can control all locations remotely. All music and message assignments can be allocated and monitored location-wise or by grouping similar geographies and demography. Clients using the software receive immediate feedback on location streaming and can view the detailed history for troubleshooting. Cloud Cover Music also allows companies to empower local managers by offering control access through multiple permission levels. 

The software also allows brands to drive sales using in-store messaging. With the in-house LA sound studio, brands can record messages they wish to relay within the stores, upload recorded audio, and store unlimited messages over the cloud. Businesses have the liberty to combine the messages with playlists according to how often they want the recordings to play. The combination mixes can also be customized to target specific locations as well. The platform provides live support and implementation to resolve any issues in the entire process.  

Cloud Cover Music is a cost-effective and reliable set-up to evade fines by ensuring the clients are completely covered. By paying what is rightfully due to them, Cloud Cover Music supports artists and songwriters too. 

Origin and Founding Team

James C. Birch founded Cloud Cover Music in 2011. James worked at several corporations and advertising agencies as a video-based communication specialist and joined the music industry twenty years later, in 2006. A ‘conceptual technologist,’ James built the software to deliver legal music streaming services in-store after navigating the industry and Internet licensing regulations successfully. 

Mark Lehman, the CEO of Cloud Cover Music, is a strategist with over 25 years of experience in successfully leading technology businesses to scale. He aims to help CCM’s customers transform the B2B music and messaging platform to profit centers within the organization.

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