LunarCRUSH – Insights and data for crypto research and investments

LunarCRUSH – Insights and data for crypto research and investments


Name: LunarCRUSH

Legal Name: LunarCRUSH, Inc

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: April 2019

Founders: Joe Vezzani, Jonathan Farjo


Social Media Following: 75 Followers on Facebook, 1906 Followers on Twitter, 191 followers on Linkedin

Industry – Cryptocurrency

Size: $1.037B in 2019
Projections: Estimated to reach $1.4B by 2024 (CAGR of 6.18%, 2019-2024) (Source:


LunarCRUSH is a platform that studies dozens of sources of cryptocurrency data and then uses AI and Machine Learning to turn that data into real-time trading insights for investors to make data-driven decisions. The company provides distilled and easy to understand data points that enable users to form their own views and predictions of the crypto markets. 

The Product

The LunarCRUSH platform provides community-driven data insights to crypto investors, funds, and exchanges by studying real-time social behaviors, news, internet chatter, and trading patterns. The company scans the whole web for all crypto-related data and then organizes it in the form of 16 easy to understand metrics or scores using crypto-specific ML algorithms. These scores can be broadly categorized into three types of indicators – trading indicators, social indicators, and LunarCRUSH’s proprietary key performance indicators.

Trading indicators give data on the currency’s trade volume, real-time and historic trade price, volatility in price and volume, and its circulation. Social indicators help users understand the industry sentiment and social impact of the currency by studying metrics like volume of social media feeds, engagement, news volume, and spam volume. With such humongous data at their disposal, LunarCrush has also developed two proprietary KPI’s that act as leading indicators of the overall health of the currency – Galaxyscore and ALTrank. Galaxyscore benchmarks a coin’s performance against itself whereas ALTrank ranks the coin against all other coins supported on LunarCrush. 

The LunarCrush product has two flavors – consumer and enterprise. For consumers, their offering is based on a very strong freemium strategy. Their open web portal allows users to access and compare trading and key metrics of the coins, view social media feeds and influencer activities around cryptocurrencies – all this without even signing up with LunarCrush. One must sign up and create a free account to be able to access more advanced features like social metrics, daily updates or to track individual holdings. Its enterprise offerings include APIs, widgets, and charts for integrations to connect internal data systems with external information channels. In addition to accessing real-time data from the LunarCrush platform, customers using its integration can also build custom applications on top of it as per their requirement. 

Origin & Founding Team

LunarCrush is co-founded by Joe Vezzani & Jonathan Farjo, both of whom have a demonstrated history of building and leading successful companies and teams. Before LunarCrush, the duo has also worked together at Innocean USA together. 

A crypto enthusiast since 2015, Joe is a second-time founder and possesses extensive cross-domain experience in areas ranging from finance and sales to marketing and product management. Joe has previously worked with companies such as Owens Corning, FCB Global and Morgan Stanley. His first venture Lifeline Response was also a Techstars graduate company. 

Jonathan has 20+ years of experience with his core expertise being user experience, product design, digital marketing, and digital strategy consulting. He has held multiple VP positions in several companies alongside running a very successful consulting business. Jonathan has been investing and studying crypto markets since 2013. 

Performance & Trends

LunarCrush has more than 2000 coins and tokens listed on its portal and is increasingly gaining traction within the community. In the enterprise segment, the company has already partnered with the exchange platform Coindeal which displays their Galaxy score as a signal for investors to know when to buy, sell, or hold. To further accelerate growth within enterprise cryptocurrency space, Lunarcrush has teamed up with fintech and blockchain-focused venture studio, Draper Goren Holm. Lunarcrush was also one of the 10 companies to get selected in the 2019 cohort of Techstars Los Angeles and receive $120K in pre-seed funding from the accelerator.

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