Rufus Labs – Wearable tech for industrial productivity and efficiency

Rufus Labs – Wearable tech for industrial productivity and efficiency


Name: Rufus Labs

Legal: Rufus Labs LLC 

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2013

Founder(s): Gabe Grifoni, Travis LaBerge, Paula Odysseos-Panayiotou, and Matt Goldman


Social Media: 517 followers on LinkedIn and 3153 followers on Instagram 

INDUSTRY: Enterprise Wearables Technology 

Size: $276M in 2015

Projections: $22.3B by 2025 (Source: Grand View Research)


Rufus Labs is a Los Angeles-based company that builds enterprise wearable devices that make workers more productive and enhances operational efficiency and safety. Rufus’ industrial wearables run on cloud technology and help improve operational efficiency across warehousing, manufacturing, retail, and defense industries. 

The Product

Rufus Labs offers a connected operator platform for the supply chain. Ranging from wearable technology, including the Rufus Cuff, Ring, and Scanglove, to workforce analytical software, Rufus WorkHero, and support, Rufus Labs offers an advanced productivity suite for the industrial workforce.

Customers receive upgraded Rufus wearables along with their monthly Rufus WorkHero subscriptions. The Rufus Cuff is a wearable device that brings augmented productivity to the industrial workforce, boosts overall performance, and enhances safety. It is built for smart warehousing, manufacturing, field service, and other such rugged work environments. The robust and user-friendly interface facilitates the mobile workforce to achieve performance optimization. It allows workers to operate hands-free with in-built text, voice, and video features to facilitate effective communication among workers. While Rufus Scanglove is a flexible, lightweight, and durable barcode glove scanner that helps efficient inventory management. The wearables also include a barcode scanner, Rufus Ring, that workers can adorn on the wrist to scan, shelve, and ship products hand-free. 

Rufus WorkHero is an advanced, connected operator platform that is built to meet the needs of an evolving supply chain with Industry 4.0. WorkHero is a comprehensive ‘Productivity as a Service’ solution for warehousing, manufacturing, and retail companies that manage operational talent and assets across multiple facilities and locations. 

WorkHero offers real-time visibility for managers to monitor worker performance metrics, custom key performance indicators, and ensure safety management. By reducing paperwork between teams and enhancing the visibility of operational processes, WorkHero helps companies boost productivity, improve accuracy, and minimize labor costs. 

Rufus Labs envisions to maximize the potential of wearable technology with its diverse range of products tailored to enhance visibility, safety, accuracy, and productivity.  

Origin and Founding Team

Rufus Labs was founded by Gabe Grifoni, Travis LaBerge, Paula Odysseos-Panayiotou, and Matt Goldman, a software engineer, an arts graduate, an attorney, and an engineer respectively. 

Gabe Grifoni, CEO and co-founder of Rufus Labs, was fascinated by wearables early-on when they were introduced but felt that they were not being built to their full potential to meet enterprise needs. He observed several B2B customers within customer-serving industries such as retailers, warehouse workers, and huge corporations facing operational challenges as they grew to scale.  

Rufus Labs was born with a vision to create a standalone device to meet enterprise needs. Grifoni’s long-term vision is to replace everything in a pocket with wearable technology. 

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