findSisterhood – An anonymous social networking platform for women

findSisterhood – An anonymous social networking platform for women


Name: findSisterhood

Legal Name: findSisterhood Inc.

Location: Greater Los Angeles Area, CA

Founded: 2018

Founders: Ana Pompa Alarcón Rawls


Social Media Following: 2.5k Followers on Facebook, 224 Followers on Twitter, 12.9k Followers on Instagram  


findSisterhood is an anonymous social media network created by a woman for women to not only share their experiences – both good and bad – but also reach out when they need help. It was created to disrupt the way women use social media and change the perception we have about everyone’s lives being picture-perfect. The app is a safe space where women’s voices are heard, understood and supported, without judgment.

The Product

Users can download the findSisterhood app for Android or iOS and reach out to women and ask questions on topics ranging from motherhood and sex to lifestyle and relationships, and more. To ensure the user’s identity remains anonymous and their personal information untraceable, users do not need to create a profile or username. findSisterhood uses one-way cryptography to ensure that the users’ identity cannot be determined by anyone, including its own team. 

Origin and Founders

Ana Pompa Alarcón Rawls is the founder and CEO of findSisterhood while Stephen Hagemann serves as CTO. 

The idea for building such a community originating from Ana’s own need to find support and share her experiences with people who can give valuable advice based on their own similar experiences. This gradually evolved into a much bigger caller for Ana and led to her creating a safe community that went beyond moms talking about tough days with their kids, and how she hopes to connect a world of women who are there to support each other.

Performance and Trends

findSisterhood was selected for the 2019 cohort of the Techstars LA accelerator program. It currently hosts thousands of users from across 32 countries, according to a profile on the startup by Techstars

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