Doorda – Data on demand for enterprise decision-making

Doorda – Data on demand for enterprise decision-making


Name: Doorda

Legal: Doorda Ltd.

Location: London, UK

Founded: 2013

Founder(s): Clifford McDowell 


Social Media: 651 followers on LinkedIn 

INDUSTRY – Data Science Platforms

Size: $19.58B in 2016 (Source: Markets and Markets)

Projections: $101.37B by 2021 at a CAGR of 38.9% (Source: Markets and Markets)


Doorda is a London-based company that provides data accessibility by bringing together open data issued by local authorities to offer business-ready data on-demand through a technology-agnostic cloud platform. Doorda collates several independent sources of data and consolidates them to provide meaningful market information. They are thereby enabling customers to focus only on analyzing the data and deriving actionable insights to enhance their business. 

The Product

Doorda empowers businesses by consolidating individual data sets into a centralized cloud platform that is updated automatically depending on the data source. Users can access the latest data using APIs to get real-time answers to their business challenges. By standardizing data extracted from independent siloes, Doorda presents wholesome information for businesses to immediately benefit from insights derived through detailed analytics. 

Doorda provides pragmatic technical data solutions on commercial and non-commercial demographics. With the help of Doorda Stats, a GDPR compliant product on statistical information on demographics, consumers can find relevant data about their customers quickly. Users can sort information related to property, employment, places of education, benefits, and more about their specific area of interest.  

Doorda Biz is another offering that provides a credible source of financial and enterprise-centric data for 12 million companies and 30 million directors in the UK. With a pool of information dating back 20 years, Doorda uses a fully automated matching service to link the name of the company and its address and offers historical data on the property footprint of businesses, public contracts, and relationships between shareholders, directors, and companies. 

Doorda Property has collated over 24 million entries and can provide detailed reports of all residential and non-residential data in the UK. Using automatic address matching services, Doorda equips customers with a holistic view of the local area information, its population demographics, and property owners registered in the locality. 

Customers can use data consolidated by Doorda to target potential markets and enhance customer segmentation based on detailed population metrics on income, housing, health, and schooling. The platform’s in-depth database also helps users onboard customers quickly by pre-filling updated information about the customer in all the onboarding documentation. Leveraging insights from the platform, customers can also maximize revenues from existing customers, monitor risks, identify potential ‘red flags,’ and initiate recoveries by prioritizing debtors most likely to pay. With flexible pricing options in bulk or on a transactional basis, Doorda ensures its services are accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Origin and Founding Team

Clifford McDowell founded Doorda in the year 2013. A pioneer with a flair for business analytics and all things data, he has been in the technical domain for almost 20 years. Previously, the founder of CWM Consultancy and the CEO of Mr. Site, Clifford, has experience in multiple senior operational roles at organizations including Amphire and 

Doorda was formed to provide simplified data for use by customers across all industries. With the application of an innovative analytical approach, Doorda has grown as a dynamic organization with a strong consumer base.

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