House of Spring – Hand-crafted women’s footwear brand

House of Spring – Hand-crafted women’s footwear brand


Name: House of Spring

Legal: House of Spring

Location: London, UK

Founded: 2010

Founder(s): Radhia Hadef


Social Media: 309 followers on Twitter, 9537 followers on Instagram, 714 on Facebook, 704 monthly unique viewers on Pinterest

INDUSTRY: Global Footwear Market

Size: $227.1B in 2018

Projections: $266.5B by 2024 (Source: Cision)


House of Spring is a London-based boutique footwear label that sells handcrafted shoes for women, which are both comfortable and affordable. Their vision is to make the modern woman feel confident and beautiful in her shoes by bringing together Parisian elegance with London’s bold sense of fashion. House of Spring serves customers globally, with worldwide shipping accessible from its website. 

The Product

House of Spring offers a whole range of shoes, the design of which is inspired by the tasteful blend of Parisian elegance with London’s energy and vibrancy, at affordable prices. The product range offered by House of Spring includes flats, brogues, loafers, trainers, and pumps. These ultra-stylish and comfortable shoes are designed for the modern woman keeping both fashion and functionality in mind. ‘The Iconics,’ ‘Black capsule,’ and ‘Shoes for office’ are some of their prominent collections online. 

House of Spring ensures perfection at every stage of the evolution of the product, be it product design, manufacturing, or delivery. With a passion for designing unique shoes, House of Spring offers effortless elegance and luxurious comfort inspired by two fashion capitals, London and Paris. Designed for the comfort of fashion lovers, House of Spring consulted a podiatrist to craft comfortable in-soles even for shoes with high heels.

The shoes are handmade by a family-run factory in Portugal with leather sourced from Portugal and Italy. Once the orders are ready to be shipped, the shoes are dispatched in an attractive embossed box along with a monogrammed House of Spring tote bag. Their products are sustainable, allowing fashion aficionados to shop from House of Spring without guilt. The products are displayed dynamically, similar to popular e-commerce websites with a well-organized home page. The interface of the site is user-friendly, offering customers a seamless shopping experience.

Origin and Founding Team

Founder Radhia Hadef was initially a fashion buyer in Paris before she moved to London for personal reasons. When she moved to London, she was looking for well-made shoes with a different sense of style than the ones available. It wasn’t straightforward for her to find them as large chains dominated High Street brands in London, offering similar styles of shoes. This gap led her to launch her own brand of creative shoes with a personal touch. 

Her vision was to create beautiful contemporary shoes by offering comfortable and fashionable footwear at an affordable price point. 

Performance and Trends

House of Spring was featured in some of the most popular and reputed fashion magazines like Vogue, Brides, Fleur de Force, and The Mayfair Magazine. Footwear Friends also awarded the brand the Joe Meltzer Travel Award. 

House of Spring launched its first collection, which is the SS16 collection, at a London Fashion Week pop-up event.

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