Neurocern – Helping insurance providers assess risk with aging insurers

Neurocern – Helping insurance providers assess risk with aging insurers


Name: Neurocern

Legal Name: Neurocern, Inc

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Founded: 2014

Founders: Anitha Rao and Marguerite Manteau-Rao


Social Media Following: 226 followers on Twitter, 114 Followers on LinkedIn

Industry – Health and Medical Insurance Market US

Size: $1T in 2019 (Source: IBISWorld)


The Neurocern software is designed to align interests between insurance companies and the growing aging population globally. It empowers insurers with digital solutions and offers new aging products and services to those with dementia and other neurological conditions. The platform empowers families with caregiving tools specific to dementia patients to increase their longevity and improve quality of life.

The Product

The medically validated digital risk assessment tool devised by Neurocern easily integrates into existing workflows to capture neurological attributes and morbidity. It flags recoverable cognitive claims and also provides a useful dashboard for underwriting and actuarial reserve modeling.

In addition, the Neurocern software helps pinpoint cognitive claims that require additional testing, capture unparalleled insights into mortality, morbidity, and fiduciary risk, and assists in providing an important value-added service to the insured persons and their families.

The company also offers automated personalized care plans to empower insurers and care partners with actionable insights for aging in place.

The Neurocern software leverages technology products and services including NGINX and Amazon Route 53. The company is actively using 13 technologies to power various aspects of its website such as Viewport Meta, iPhone/Mobile Compatible, and SPF.

Origin and Founders

Neurocern has 3 current team members: COO Cate Brady, Piyush Khanna, and Dr. Anitha Rao. 

Dr. Anitha Rao, the Founder and CEO of Neurocern, is a geriatric neurologist. Her educational qualifications cover the fields of Neurology and Psychiatry, and she also works as a consultant to life and re-insurance companies on enterprise risk, actuarial reserving, and corporate strategy for the aging market.

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