KPI Sense – Strategic financial support for SaaS startups

KPI Sense – Strategic financial support for SaaS startups


Name: KPI Sense

Legal Name: KPI Sense LLC

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2019

Founder(s): William Cordes


Social Media: 111 Followers on LinkedIn, 23 Followers on Twitter

Industry: Global Financial Services Application Market

Size: $103.66B in 2019 (Source: MarketsandMarkets)


Managing finances for SaaS companies can be quite complex owing to the different payment terms and cycles for each client. Harnessing all these data elements to extract real strategic value is often tough, especially for growth-stage SaaS startups that cannot afford to have an in-house CFO.

This is where KPI Sense claims to add real value. It offers data management and financial reporting to help CEOs strategically raise funds, better handle M&As and optimize the business.

The Product

From automatically cleaning and aggregating to analyzing data, KPI Sense is an end-to-end financial services solution that allows SaaS founders to make more pragmatic business decisions. 

Since the startup thoroughly understands the SaaS business model, it not only regularly scrutinizes the data but also shows clients exactly how to leverage it to grow their business.

Services offered range from M&A advisory to benchmarking services, KPI Dashboard and Strategy, and Financial Budgeting & Forecasting.

The Chicago-based startup delivers financial solutions for every stage of a startup’s journey – from launch to growth and securing more investors. 

And the best part is that the finance-as-a-service startup claims to deliver these services at a very affordable monthly cost.

Origin and Founding Team

Founder & CEO of KPI Sense, William Cordes, is an alumnus of The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and an angel investor. He started working on KPI Sense in January 2019. 
Prior to that, he had founded a similar management consulting firm for SaaS businesses called Cordes Consulting.

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