Omnetrium: A cloud-based software to drive growth for banks

Omnetrium: A cloud-based software to drive growth for banks


Name: Omnetrium

Legal Name: Omnetrium Inc.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Founded: 2016

Founders: Rosemary Hackett and John Hackett


Social Media Following: 26 Followers on LinkedIn, 41 Followers on Twitter

Industry – Banking and Financial Services Software (Global)

Size: $24.6B by 2020 (Source: Statista)


Not many know that over half of the population in the United States buys lottery tickets regularly to the tune of $70 billion each year. While the chance of winning is exciting, those dollars spent on tickets are lost forever. Playing on this idea, Omnetrium was designed to help banks build stable core deposits and customer relationships. Users need to open an account on their phone and digital tickets will be automatically issued and entered in all subsequent drawings.

The Product

Omnetrium partners with banks to support organic customer growth through its software that increases stable core deposits and enhance customer engagement. It enables banks to develop a custom award program using prize-linked savings accounts and build robust client relationships. 

Once you sign up, the cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates with leading digital banking platforms. Secure, scalable and extensible, it helps you design, manage and market a custom game to power your growth goals. 

The prize-linked savings account works just like a regular savings account, with one great additional feature: every dollar deposited gets you a digital ticket that is automatically entered into monthly, quarterly and annual drawings for cash and other prizes. 

Origin and Founding Team

A graduate from Northwestern University, Rosemary Hackett comes with extensive experience in technology leadership roles and IT consulting. She has expertise in leadership, business intelligence, information systems and resource management.

John Hackett – who is also Global Head of Product Marketing at Northern Trust Asset Management – has to his credit experience in strategic business development, product development, marketing and sales for global investment firms. He is known for his ability to lead multi-disciplinary teams and develop innovative solutions to drive new businesses. 

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