Twisted Road – Online motorcycle sharing platform for long-distance rentals

Twisted Road – Online motorcycle sharing platform for long-distance rentals


Name: Twisted Road

Legal Name: Twisted Road, Inc

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2017

Founder: Austin Rothbard


Social Media Following: 9,741 Followers on Instagram, 99 Followers on Twitter, 4,689 Followers on Facebook

Industry: Global Sharing Economy

Size: $14B in 2014 (Source: Brookings)

Projections: $335B by 2025 (Source: Brookings)


Twisted Road is one of the fastest growing peer-to-peer motorcycle sharing communities on the planet. It offers bike enthusiasts a range of bike options to choose from, while allowing bike owners to rent out their own and earn money. All you need to do is log on to the platform, enter your travel dates, search by brand, location, or price to find the best available bike for you.

The Product

After picking the bike of their choice on Twisted Road, bikers need to enter their driver’s license number and upload an insurance card to reserve the motorcycle. The platform verifies that all renters have a current endorsement and they require require a $1,000 credit card hold before your ride begins. You meet at a convenient location to inspect the bike and collect the keys. Post the ride, the biker needs to come to the agreed location with a full tank.

To get a bike listed on the platform, one needs to enter details such as a photo, description, etc,. After Twisted Road confirms validity of rider’s license, it is forwarded to the owner to review the rider’s experience. If approved, they meet the rider and exchange keys. When the rental period is complete, they meet the rider, inspect the returned bike and receive payment 48 hours later.

Origin and Founding Team

Austin Rothbard is an experienced business leader and passionate rider. Prior to starting Twisted Road, he ran companies with recognizable brand names, making everything from boats and furniture to kitchenware. His aim with Twisted Road is to connect riders worldwide and build a community based on new experiences and friendships. 

Performance and Trends

In a recent press release, Twisted Road announced that its new website now includes 2000 options to rent, including late-model foreign and domestic models from all the leading manufacturers.

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