Gigable – An app to discover emerging musical artists and book concerts

Gigable – An app to discover emerging musical artists and book concerts


Name: Gigable

Legal Name: Gigable, LLC

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2015

Founder(s): Mike Echlin


Social Media Following: 551 Likes on Facebook, 482 Followers on Twitter 

Reviews: 5 Stars on App Store

INDUSTRY – Independent Label Music Production (US)

Size: $457M in 2019 (Source: IbisWorld)


Gigable is a mobile application aimed at music lovers to discover new artists and bands and buy tickets online to performances near them. In addition, it aims to provide a platform for emerging artists to reach new audiences – both online and offline. 

The Product 

Gigable is a music discovery and patent-pending music streaming platform that curates the most promising performers in playlist format on its app, keeping the UI and UX as simple as possible. Unlike other music streaming platforms, Gigable does not have millions of songs for users to browse through, but instead shows multiple playlist options which one can just choose and press play. 

The platform sources artist recommendations from musicians and music aficionados. A key feature of Gigable is that listeners get an automatic ‘On-Tour’ playlist on the app with the best new music from artists touring near them. If the ticket button is lit, users can directly purchase a ticket to a concert from the app itself through a direct and secure in-built channel. For music promoters/producers and venues, Gigable provides all the essential features of a self-service ticketing system. 

Origin and Founding Team 

Founder and CEO of Gigable, Mike Echlin has over two decades of experience as a consultant. He is also a musician himself and envisioned building a platform which, in an interview, he describes as “Pandora meets Ticketmaster”, but focused on independent singers and songwriters. He also adds in the same interview that he found that a music streaming and artist discovery platform such as Gigable was “an ideal way to promote artists who might get lost in the shuffle of today’s growing amount of music being produced in home studios.”

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