SweatWorking – On-demand, digital fitness content and experiences

SweatWorking – On-demand, digital fitness content and experiences


Name: SweatWorking

Legal Name: SweatWorking, Inc.

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2017

Founders: Jeana Cohen, Justin Cohen, Kathy Lai, and Nikki Desai

Website: https://www.sweatworking.com/

Social Media Following: 556 Followers on Facebook, 165 Followers on Twitter, 25 Followers on LinkedIn

Industry: Global mHealth Apps Market

Size: $12.4B in 2018 (Source: Grandview Research)


For traditional gyms and fitness studios looking to up their game, the SweatWorking digital toolkit is a boon. It helps deliver on-demand, digital experiences to their members, alongside providing turnkey content creation services and marketing support. The fitness-forward tech platform ensures gyms can create, deliver, and monetize on-demand video workouts, recovery routines, meditations, and meal plans on a branded channel within the app.

Further, the platform is also promoted as a way for people to use the app to replace regular networking activities such as lunches or meetings into active ‘sweatworking’ sessions by instead going to the gym or fitness studios.

The Product

Using the SweatWorking platform, gyms and studios can share workouts over video and audio content on its iOS and Android apps. Owners of fitness enterprises can thus generate additional revenue and enhance their brand value with such proprietary digital content. The platform develops and streams its partners’ content on custom branded channels, which provide its partners access to the FitTech space.

The platform makes it quick and easy to create engaging, motivating and high-quality on-demand video, audio, and PDF content. This content features trainers, programming, etc. at no additional cost for users.

The platform also gives users access to tried-and-tested templates for email, social media, and push notification campaigns to drive sales and engagement. Users are encouraged to generate revenue from the content by selling subscription-based access to members and non-members.

Origin and Founders

Founded by Jeana Cohen, Justin Cohen, Kathy Lai, and Nikki Desai, SweatWorking is the sister company of aSweatLife, a recognized online fitness media company.

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