Ethos Talent – Putting people first with tech-enabled talent development

Ethos Talent – Putting people first with tech-enabled talent development


Name: Ethos Talent

Legal: Ethos, Inc.

Location: Chicago

Founded: 2018

Founder(s): Alida Miranda-Wolff


Social Media: 286 followers on Twitter, 249 followers on LinkedIn

Industry: HR Management

Size: $14.68B (Grand View Research)

Projections: $30.01B by 2025 (Grand View Research)


Chicago-based Ethos Talent helps tech companies achieve scale and sustainability by meaningfully investing in people. With its people-first approach, Ethos helps start-ups build incredibly diverse cultures that fuel their success. An innovation-consulting company focused on solving people problems, Ethos helps firms hire and nurture diverse talent, chart career paths, and drive stellar performance. 

The Product

Ethos helps build a performance-driven culture in high-growth companies by setting a vision and establishing practices that give a better purpose to the team. To accomplish this mission, Ethos offers four services – diversity, hiring practices, vision and values, and career pathing. 

Through an objective assessment of existing diversity practices, Ethos provides strategic planning and implementation support to add diverse talent to the firm. Ethos works closely with its clients to develop customized diversity and hiring strategies aligned with the company’s objectives. From role design to structuring interview processes and onboarding, Ethos hiring practices encompass them all to attract the best and diverse talent in the industry. While Ethos does not touch the recruiting process, the team ensures that the client has the right structure, talent pipelines, and strategy in place. 

However, beyond just hiring the right talent, Ethos supports high-growth start-ups to retain employees that add value to the company. Ethos Talent, with its proven four-step methodology, develops career paths to help teams nurture talent and achieve individual growth that eventually aligns with the overall organization’s objectives. 

Ethos aims to guide start-ups to set a vision and consciously weave cultural norms and behavior into individual performances to shape the culture of the firm. The practices are designed to give purpose to the team members while also adding value to the company’s bottom line. Ethos, with its holistic services, aims to establish the right talent infrastructure for companies to set them up for growth and success.

Origin and Founding Team

Ethos Talent was founded in 2018 in Chicago by Alida Miranda-Wolff, a former director at Chicago VC firm Hyde Park Angels and Kaleb Dumot, founder of tech recruiting search firm Integrity Power Search. 

Hiring and retaining talent has always been a challenge for tech start-ups. Alida-Miranda Wolff is well aware of these issues from her time spent at Hyde Park Angels. She soon realized that a strong focus on human capital led to positive outcomes while managing her firm’s portfolio companies. Wolff, having dealt with people problems of start-ups daily, decided to start Ethos, a talent strategy firm.  

Ethos Talent was formed with an objective to champion entrepreneurs – to hire the right talent, nurture them, bring in diversity practices, and develop cultures that spur innovation and ultimately drive company performance. The name Ethos being synonymous with value systems and principles encapsulated all that the company wanted to be. With a deep-rooted understanding of tech and talent, Wolff aims to turn every team member into a positive change-maker.

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