Organys – Safe and effective skin care for older women

Organys – Safe and effective skin care for older women


Name: Organys Beauty

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2016

Founder(s): Damyan Nikolov


Social Media: 425 Likes on Facebook, 58 Followers on Instagram

INDUSTRY – Beauty and Wellness

Size: $445Bn (2017) (Source: Forbes)

Projections: $863Bn in 2024 (Source: GlobeNewsWire)


Organys is a Chicago-based online beauty product company. Its website calls itself a “wellness brand with a focus on consciousness, community, and transparency.” The company’s beauty products reportedly aim to avoid toxic chemicals and provide “safe” cosmetic products that are “inspired by nature” and “responsibly formulated.” However, their products are not certified organic.

The majority of their products, such as anti-aging retinol, vitamin C and eye creams, appear to be meant for skincare for older women, and indeed, their website andcasting calls for their advertisements seem to be deliberately aimed at this target market as well.

The Product

Organys Beauty sells eight beauty or skincare products, which include a variety of oils, serums, creams and moisturizers aimed at reversing or preventing signs of aging and wrinkles, in addition to castor oil, lash and brow boosting oil.

As of this article’s publishing, their products are affordably priced between $12 for a bottle of castor oil, to $20 for a bottle of retinol cream, to $25 for lash and brow boosting serum. Their products are available for sale on their official website, and on select online retail platforms like Amazon.

Organys’ lash and brow boosting serum see positive reviews on beauty and makeup review websites, and often features on lists of top eyebrow serums. Reviews on the company’s official Facebook page also indicate particular customer satisfaction with their eyebrow and lash serum, and eye cream. The company’s Instagram page boasts that its the best-rated eye cream on Amazon, and its eyebrow serum currently has over 3,415 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Origin and Founding Team

Organys was founded in 2016 by Damyan Nikolov. Prior to Organys, he had a career in private equity, working at companies such as Apex Partners and Skydeck LLC. He is a graduate of the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago in 2010

Performance and Trends

While Organys had received no funding as of early2016, little else is known about its performance, funding and trends. Organys’ competitors include beauty giants like L’Oreal, Olay and Neutrogena, who have a significant presence in the anti-ageing skincare market, and smaller, more specialized companies like Progeny, FineVine and InstaNatural.

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