9BARgain.com helps users get discounts through digital coupons

9BARgain.com helps users get discounts through digital coupons

Name: 9BARgain

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2017

Website: www.9bargain.com

Social Media: 337 Followers on Twitter, 2439 Followers on Facebook

INDUSTRY –  Digital Coupons for consumer products

Size: $47Bn purchased through redeemed coupons in 2017 (Source: Juniper Research) and saved consumers $3.1Bn (Source: Reuters)

Projections: $91Bn projected to be purchased through redeemed coupons in 2022 (Source: Juniper Research)



9BARgain is a digital coupon distribution platform which claims to be ‘one of the top coupon codes & deals websites on the web with [sic] exclusive partnership with stores’. Visitors to the website can access promotional codes which provide them discounts on a variety of sites and can submit other coupons as well.


The Product

9BARgain offers website users discounts on the products of a variety of brands, including prominent names such as Airbnb, Amazon, American Eagle, and Apple. However, many of the discounts being offered have not been used or are currently inactive. The company also promotes smaller brands such as Zongle Therapeutics, Happy Little People, Singing Machine, and others on their home page.

Generally, digital coupon sites monetize the purchasers they send to merchant websites, with two distinct revenue streams. The first is revenue from referrals, where retailers pay a percentage (5-20%) of the total order value of a purchaser who is sourced from the coupon site. The website doesn’t attract the kind of traffic that one would expect to make sustainable revenue from this source. 9BARgain’s coupons for Amazon, Airbnb, and Apple, for example, don’t appear to have been used more than 100 times since the business’ inception and had not been used on the day of the writing of this article.

The second revenue stream is taking payments for premium website placement. Brands such as Zongle and Happy Little People are featured on the website’s home page, and a ‘Popular’ brands category is displayed prominently on internal pages and features lesser-known businesses such as A1 Supplements, 4 Checks, Brick Loot, and Face Tory.


Origin and Founding Team

There is no publicly available information on the owner(s)/founder(s) of this website.


Performance and Trends

There is no indication that the website or any of the coupons currently on the website are working. The lack of any blog entries, any activity on the site’s social media pages, and expiry dates on the coupons suggest that it is inactive.

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