Promotable – Expert-led courses on in-demand digital skills

Promotable – Expert-led courses on in-demand digital skills


Name: Promotable

Legal: Promotable Space, Inc.

Location: Chicago, IL 

Founded: June 2018

Founder(s): Aaron Filous


Social Media Following: 177 Followers on Twitter, 149 Followers on LinkedIn 

Industry – Education Technology

Size: $159.5B in 2017 (Source: Research and Markets)

Projection: $286.62B by 2023 (Source: Research and Markets)


Promotable is a professional education solution provider that empowers technologists to move up the career ladder by providing part-time live-online or in-person lessons for data-enabled educational courses. 

The Product

Promotable offers courses in Intro to Python, Data Analytics, and Product Management for people who are looking to learn analytical skills to move up in a data-enabled job market. The 5-hour per week part-time classes can be delivered either live-online or in-person by working professionals. These professionals are from some of the leading companies in the industry and have hands-on experience in their field. Promotable also provides customised solutions to companies who wish to upgrade team knowledge or create analytics-focused teams from scratch. 

Origin and Founding Team

Aaron Filous, the Founder and CEO of Promotable is a UCLA and Georgetown University alumnus. After spending many years working on various education technology products, he started noticing glaring flaws in programs – they were either too costly or required the person to relocate for education. This left these opportunities inaccessible for working people who wished to move up the opportunity ladder. As the demand for data analytical jobs continued to be unmet by the supply of skilled people to fill these roles, Aaron decided it was time to create a program to help bridge this gap, by enabling people to be promotable.  

Performance and Trends

Promotable has worked with instructors from leading organizations such as Microsoft, Nielsen, and Grubhub, among others. The company has also assisted organizations such as Bosch and McDonald’s Corporation with training their employees.

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