Perfit: E-commerce platform matching clothes for every body type

Perfit: E-commerce platform matching clothes for every body type


Name: Perfit

Legal Name: Perfit LLC

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2016

Founder(s): Dayna Stoller


Social Media: 8 followers on LinkedIn, 275 followers on Instagram, 459 likes on Facebook

Industry: Global Online Fashion Market

Size: $1294B in 2016 (Source: Common Objective)

Future: $1.4T by 2021 (Source: Common Objective)


The clothing aggregator website, Perfit, connects shoppers with clothing from popular retailers and brands that would be a perfect fit for their unique body type. According to its website, the brand’s ethos revolves around empowering women to find outfits that make them look good and feel great in. 

The Product

Perfit lets shoppers pick from a range of activewear, dresses, swimwear, tops, tees, shorts and skirts that best suit their individual body type. To aid this process, the e-store has a range of filters, called ‘Your Perfits’, that lets shoppers select outfits that help ‘disguise’ or ‘flaunt’ specific body parts. Based on these filters, the web app showcases the outfits that would best accentuate the shopper’s form. 

Origin and Founding Team

Perfit’s origin story goes like this: Dayna Stoller, an HR professional and new mom with a penchant for fashion, was shopping for something to wear to a wedding. But she was unable to find anything that she could be comfortable in, while also being a good fit. 

That’s when she realized that she needed to do something to make it easier for women, of all shapes and sizes, to shop for clothes. And so, harnessing the latest technology and her keen sense of fashion, Stroller launched the body-positive brand Perfit in 2016.

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