Xaqt – Helping transform policy and governance with data

Xaqt – Helping transform policy and governance with data


Name: Xaqt

Legal Name: Xaqt Inc

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 2015

Founder(s): Chris Crosby

Website: https://www.xaqt.com/ 

Social Media Following: 190 Followers on LinkedIn, 111 Followers on Twitter  

INDUSTRY – Smart City Technologies Market North America

Size: $196.5B in 2018 (Source: BCC Research)

Projections: $419B by 2023, CAGR of 16.3% (Source: BCC Research)


Xaqt is an analytics and software development firm that develops technology-driven solutions aimed at helping organizations and governments leverage data to solve complex problems and transform how they operate. Its urban analytics and intelligence solutions are used by city authorities and policymakers in the US to better understand how cities function and drive innovation. 

The Product 

Xaqt builds specialized platforms offering a diverse range of technological capabilities such as conversation AI and voice automation, urban mobility, smart city technology, shared mobility solutions. Xaqt’s voice automation and conversational AI platform is used by call centers to personalize customer experiences and manage capacity more efficiently, while helping reduce the repetitive tasks for their agents and freeing up resources for higher-value activities. 

The company also offers a turnkey transit analytics platform which it claims is capable of generating and transmitting real-time intelligence across entire urban transit systems. These insights and recommendations help operators make better decisions and optimize their performance. Further, the platform’s machine learning algorithms analyze and predict real-time and future traffic flows to enable authorities to better manage vehicle movement in urban areas. 

Xaqt also provides shared mobility solutions to new-age mobility and gig companies. It leverages GPS and telematics data along with the platform’s geospatial insights to help them better manage their commercial drivers, reduce operating costs, and optimize revenue opportunities. 

VeloCity, one of Xaqt’s latest offerings, is a connected vehicle and telematics intelligence suite and an open engine for location-based data analysis and applied intelligence. The company claims that it is a first-of-its-kind end-to-end platform that delivers unprecedented insights to drivers, fleets, and customers of on-demand logistics, delivery services, fleet operators, ride-share, and shared mobility providers.

Chris Crosby, Chief Executive Officer at Xaqt, was quoted in a case study by AWS on the use of the company’s solution by the City of Kansas City and said, “By providing integration, governance, analytics, and a user front end, we make city data useful.” He adds, “Whether it’s an individual looking for a parking space or a manager looking at violation rates across the city, we can serve up the right insights and data based on role.” In the same case study, Bob Benett, the Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Kansas City, said, “The Xaqt solution built on AWS enables us to perform preventive roadwork. We expect to save up to 50% compared to emergency repair.” The Kansas City authorities used the platform’s advanced analytics capabilities to identify vacant buildings that require additional maintenance and attention. Xaqt combined existing datasets owned by the city such as permits and traffic, to pinpoint vacant structures with 85 percent accuracy. 

Origin and Founding Team 

Xaqt was founded by Chris Crosby, who is also the company’s Chief Executive Officer

He has more than 20 years of leadership experience in building startups and developing innovative solutions for call centers through the use of data-enabled technologies. Chris holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School of Government and regularly advises both governments and startups on matters relating to technology and leadership. 

Before founding Xaqt, Chris had built and sold two technology companies, Latigent LLC and Inflection Point Global, and the former was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2007.

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