The Legal-tech Business in Chicago that You Would Want to Work For

The Legal-tech Business in Chicago that You Would Want to Work For

Earlier in January, Relativity grabbed our attention for its unique work culture. We come back to see what else makes the company a ‘great place to work’.

The benefits policy at Relativity places a unique focus on the individual development of its full-time employees. Every individual gets a $3000 professional development budget and 3.5 weeks of PTO every year. Think about it!

Since 2001, people working at Relativity (then called kCura) have come together to keep the company and its products on the cutting edge. The articulate mission statement that Relativity has laid out for itself does seem to offer a strong guiding light – “Help organizations around the world ‘organize data, discover the truth and act on it”

It’s true, our world is more connected today than ever. Domo’s ‘Data Never Sleeps 5.0’ is a literal testimony to the huge amounts of data we are creating every minute. Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as smart cars, smart cities, connected health and digital utilities will only add fuel to this fire.

Organizations all over the world are overwhelmed with this data surge and need an effective, enterprise-wide approach to manage Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

Legal matters like litigation, internal investigations, and contract negotiations can deal with a ton of documents – into the millions. It is vitally important to search and retrieve the information sooner and drive more effective outcomes so that you can find the truth in your data faster.

RelativityOne Complete Platform

A Product Demo of the RelativityOne Platform (Photo: Relativity’s website)

Enter RelativityOne, the company’s cloud-based e-discovery platform hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud. With one secure solution, Relativity users don’t have to worry about the delays and risks associated with moving data between systems. The flexibility and scalability that conducting e-discovery in the cloud offers, further helps organizations solve a wide variety of cases at scale.

Counsel teams can configure their unique workflows for document reviews. The platform offers advanced analytics like active learning, and visualizations to help users mine through unstructured data and uncover facts. RelativityOne can be considered as an industry-leading product, given the strong feedback from its users.

Relativity is used by more than 170,000 users around the world in 40+ countries. The product has a fantastic developer and user community to create unique solutions for users.

More than 70 of Fortune 100 companies and all 200 of the Am Law 200 companies use Relativity’s solutions. The company also helps the U.S. Department of Justice discover the truth in its data.  

Earlier, this year, Relativity converted a decade-long working relationship into a strategic alliance with Deloitte. As a new member of its esteemed Technology Alliance program, Deloitte will use Relativity’s platform to provide data governance solution to its clients, as well as innovate on top of the product to provide custom solutions to their clients. The company had earlier released an audio assistant for Relativity that allowed the software to transcribe audio messages.

Relativity offers an incredible opportunity for people to develop themselves, and help other organizations discover the truth, while they are at it. If you are interested in working at Relativity, fill out the form below and check out their available positions.

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