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Making Prescriptions Affordable For Everyone: Rx Savings Solutions

KANSAS: Laura, the mother of a six-year-old boy with Down’s Syndrome, often struggled to afford her son’s $200 monthly prescription. Despite serious risks, she had to administer his medication sparingly so it lasted longer. Unfortunately, this had consequences: on days he didn’t get eye drops, for instance, he was vulnerable to severe allergies and had to be kept indoors under special care. Laura’s story points to a troubling behavioral trend that’s not limited to high-cost children’s medication. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 21% of Americans have skipped filling a…

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Targeted Storytelling: A New Sponsorship Model

Over the past seven years, Techweek has built an integrated community of emerging markets across North America. Our content tells the stories of entrepreneurs, investors, companies, and tech ecosystems in diverse places across the US and beyond. On, we feature original, as well as sponsored content. The highest-value sponsored content product we offer is Targeted Storytelling. Targeted storytelling includes: Custom content: we develop a strategy and content aligned to your brand’s message Publication: pieces are authored, published, and promoted by Techweek Targeted distribution: we use proprietary, highly targeted media…

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Is Artificial Intelligence Going to Kill Us All?

Before we dive headlong into a discussion about the impending destruction of the human race at the hands of machines, let’s take a couple of steps back and firstly ask ourselves, do we even know what Artificial Intelligence really is? Booz Allen Hamilton is Leading Fascinating AI Research This topic and many others were covered at Booz Allen Hamilton’s event, “The Safety and Sanity of Machine Intelligence,” at Techweek DC on October 5th. Steven Mills, Director of Machine Intelligence at Booz Allen Hamilton, offered this: “the fundamental problem is that…

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10 Sneaky Things Most Founders Get Wrong
(And Pay For Later)

Launching a business is a thrill: you have a great idea, a solid business plan, and are ready to incorporate. Unfortunately, the rush of starting a venture is so intoxicating that most founders gloss over key details and make significant mistakes right at the start. These errors make it harder to get funded, handle important employee issues, and manage the books. Here’s our top-ten list of founder mistakes, and valuable information on how you can avoid them. 1. Not incorporating as a Delaware C-Corp There are so many ways to…

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What Do A Bionic Arm, Johns Hopkins, And
Idaho Have in Common?

Johnny Matheny has been living without an arm since 2008. A few years prior, he was diagnosed with cancer and forced to amputate his left forearm after multiple rounds of unsuccessful treatment. Faced with the reality of life without a limb, he was about to join the ranks of thousands of other men and women whose limbs have been removed as a result of trauma, war, or disease. But for Matheny, this was only the beginning of his story. Through a connection to the Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins…

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It’s no secret that the cost of a college education in the United States has soared over the last several decades. As of September 2017, about 44 million Americans collectively owe over $1.45 trillion in student loan debt. The need to create more affordable methods and plans for students pursuing higher education has never been greater, and this is where Vemo Education steps in. Founded in August 2015, Vemo designs and implements income-based financing programs that more effectively use institutional resources. They are the market leader in Income Share Agreements,…

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Cybersecurity is on the tip of everyone’s tongue after recent attacks on Equifax, major retailers, and governments around the world. It’s projected that cyber crime damage will cost $6 trillion globally per year by 2021, and over $1 trillion will be spent annually to prevent it. Given the enormity of the problem and the size of the market, many companies are stepping forward with innovative solutions, and MKACyber is one of them. Based in the backyard of the U.S. Capitol, in Fairfax, VA, the company offers managed Security Operations Center…

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Buying clothes is difficult for a lot of reasons. Questions abound: what’s in style this season, what color brings out your eyes, and most importantly, what fits best. Fit is the bane of every avid shoppers’ existence – a Small in one brand is a Large in another, and even when you find the perfect item, you can never be sure if the local store has your size in stock. No item presents more frustration than jeans. There seem to be an endless supply of cuts, styles (are bell bottoms…

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If you’ve ever watched a sports event on TV (and if you haven’t, please contact a relative for help), you’ve no doubt been bombarded by tons of statistics from the commentators on the players and teams. Stats are the backbone of all game analysis, but so far, they’ve existed primarily in the realm of professional sports. ShotTrackers is on a mission to change that. They create wearables and software that allow anyone to track performance in real time , at a much more affordable price than what the big leagues…

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Imagine driving down the highway, blasting your favorite music, feeling the wind in your hair, when suddenly the road speaks to you via your mobile device. “Hey, slow down, an accident just happened a mile ahead, and the roads are slick.” Fiction? Not really, thanks to the smart roads that Integrated Roadways is aiming to build. Their Smart Pavement technology contains a bevy of sensors and other tech, including cellular tower technology. In addition to providing data to cities and drivers, that allows the smart roads to extend cellular networks,…

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