Techweek Kansas City 2016
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We are building the world’s largest community-driven tech platform to support tech entrepreneurship across the world

  • OUR HISTORY: Founded 5 years ago in Chicago to showcase and support Chicago’s unheralded emerging tech ecosystem
  • OUR GROWTH: Recognizing Chicago was not alone in its desire to support its entrepreneurial community, we have expanded to seven more North American cities in 2016
  • OUR PRODUCTS: We have spent 5 years innovating and experimenting to develop a set of 6 products that individually solve real pain-points, and collectively nurture the entire ecosystem
  • OUR CUSTOMERS:Techweek serves the entire technology ecosystem, from Fortune 500 CEOs looking to tell their innovation story, to bootstrap founders looking to meet co-founders or investors

“Detroit Is Having a Total Entrepreneurial Moment This Month,” Fortune Magazine, May 6, 2016

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Announcing: Techweek100 Chicago 2016
May 16, 2016

Announcing: Techweek100 Detroit 2016
April 13, 2016


mission-black We are on a mission!

Our Mission

Techweek exists to spread wealth creation to diverse places and people by supporting the emergence of local Hero Companies. 

Hero Companies

Techweek’s Hero Company theory of Economic Development says that that Hero Companies are incubators of talent and ideas, and spin-offs, and this process generates healthy tech ecosystems.

Our Goal


A mission with impact: Our goal is to engage 100 cities, and within 10 years develop a $1 billion dollar company in each.

“One of the top conferences for Entrepreneurs to attend in 2016,” Inc, Jan 31, 2016

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Speaker alumni

Travis Kalanick

CEO & Co-Founder

Reshma Saujani

Founder & CEO

Jonah Peretti

CEO & Co-Founder

Jonathan Badeen


Al Roker


Kathryn Minshew

Founder & CEO

Rahm Emanuel

Mayor | City of Chicago

Alexis Ohanian


"It's been fun NYC. Thanks to @TechweekNYC for an awesome week. Already looking forward to @TechweekLA."

Ryan O’Connell, Vice President, Influence Co

"@TechweekCHI @contextmedia @RishiShah you guys are doing amazing work for the Chicago tech community! And in every other city!"

Shradha Agarwal, Co-Founder, ContextMedia

"Good time at Techweek - they picked a great spot for the event"

Mark Suster, Partner, Upfront Ventures

"Much love to @TechweekCHI for a massively successful event. Thank you"

George D. Bousis, Founder & CEO, Raise