Insurance Revenue is bringing insurers closer to consumers

Insurance Revenue is bringing insurers closer to consumers


Insurance Revenue

Name: Insurance Revenue

Legal: Insurance Revenue LLC

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2016

Founder(s): Frank Kasimov, Michael Parshin


Social Media Following: 85 Twitter


INDUSTRY – Insurance

Size: $4.8Tn globally in 2017 (Source: Insurance Global Industry Guide 2017)

Projections: $6.1Bn by 2020



Insurance Revenue is an insurance lead aggregator, one that claims to be the largest market on the internet for selling auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance and health insurance. The company seeks to connect consumers to the insurance carrier or broker that best fits their needs, while helping businesses target the very consumers they desire. Insurance Revenue does this using a system that filters out consumers or insurance providers based on a number of criteria, everything from driving record to medical history.

Insurance Revenue incentivizes users to publish leads on and direct traffic to its website. The company seeks to compete with similar providers by offering higher payouts to those that bring significant traffic, giving users the cash earnings based on how much traffic the user has generated, or how many customer calls are being made because of user publicity. Insurance Revenue weeds through leads sent to businesses so as to save time for sales representatives, recommending only solid leads.

The Product

Insurance Revenue is used by both consumers and businesses to reach one another through a network of filtered information. Three types of insurance are offered: auto, medicare, and health insurance. Consumers are requested to fill out an information form which generates a price quote for whichever type of insurance they are seeking. Information taken into account includes location, whether the person rents or own their home and many other factors depending on the insurance.

For businesses, a representative fills out a form in order to sign up, then waits for approval from the publishing manager. Once approved you can launch a campaign using banner ads, email marketing, SEO marketing or social media based on your strategy. If your ad generates enough traffic or leads to calls over two minutes long you get a commission for generating traffic. Every time these leads and calls generate up to $100 in revenue Insurance Revenue sends you a payment, though anything from direct deposit to PayPal.

Traffic is generated in three ways: through clicks, calls and leads. Clicks means pre-filtered information using advertisement, while calls are generated by sending consumers to the appropriate call center based on the criteria they have provided. Leads are sent by Insurance Revenue based on the filtered information you have provided to the company, which the company claims are very solid avenues of customer revenue.

Origin and Founding Team

 The company was founded by Michael Parshin and Frank Kasimov, both of whom have been in the direct marketing industry for over a decade. Parshin is the current head of business development, sales operations and partner relations. Before co-founding Insurance Revenue Parshin worked at, a similar insurance leads aggregator, where he was responsible for business development and strategic initiatives and for over seven years. Frank Kasimov, who is currently head of product development, administration and strategy was the former vice president of internet marketing at the same company.

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