BBLGM is selling rare 100% hand-made jewelry

BBLGM is selling rare 100% hand-made jewelry


Name: BBLGM Jewelry


Location: Santa Monica, California

Founded: 2018

Founder(s): Unknown


Social Media Following: 21.8K on Instagram


INDUSTRY – Online retail

Size: $18.6Mn in the US (2018) (Source: Statista)

Projections: Expected to grow to $19.4Mn at a CAGR of 0.9% in 2019-2022 (Source: Statista)


BBGLM Jewelry is an online retail store that sells what it claims is unique, 100% handmade jewelry. BBGLM claims that each piece sold on its website is made only in batches of ten or fewer, meaning that every customer buys a rare or statement piece. Their hippie vibe and frequent references to stones and crystals aimed at “healing”, “cleansing” and “balancing chakras” gives an indication of the aesthetic and target market their jewelry is aimed at.

The Product

Their products range from fine jewelry using precious stones like amethysts, tanzanite, ruby, kyanite and turquoise, and fashion jewelry made of metal, beads and decorative stones. The website claims that unless demand for a particular piece is unusually high, the pieces are sold only in batches of fewer than ten. They also use Instagram influencers to market their products on social media.

BBLGM sells earrings, neck pieces, finger and toe rings and bracelets. Fine jewelry can range from $30 to upwards of $70, while fashion jewelry is typically priced between $18 to $45. BBLGM currently ships its products within the United States only, and their products are available only via their official website, and the occasional “pop up store” in LA. Ground shipping costs $5 and customers can opt for 2-day shipping at $10. All figures are as of publishing.

Origin and Founding Team

Little is known about the website’s origin and founding team, although its Instagram handle bears the name “Morgan Lee”.

Performance and Trends

Little is known about the website’s daily sales, sources of funding or upcoming plans, although they do intend to ship internationally, as the website claims, “soon”.

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