FashionBella is taking fashion and jewelry wholesale online

FashionBella is taking fashion and jewelry wholesale online


Name: FashionBella

Legal Name: FashionBella LLC

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: January 2004

Founder(s): Unknown


Social Media: 327 Likes on Facebook


INDUSTRY – Online Retail

Size: Apparel market in the US is $346Bn in 2018, of which the Jewelry segment is $18.6Mn

Projections: Apparel market and jewelry segment are expected to grow at 1.9% and 0.9% CAGR in 2019-2023 respectively



FashionBella is a California-based online wholesale fashion and jewelry retail website and is listed as a single-location business. FashionBella ships its products within the United States, and to Brazil, Canada, Japan, and Mexico. As a wholesale retail site, FashionBella is intended for the use of licensed sellers only.

The Product

FashionBella allows jewelry and fashion sellers to purchase a variety of products through their website. Only registered sellers who can provide relevant tax IDs can use FashionBella and the website requires a minimum purchase amount of $50.

FashionBella originated as a site for selling different kinds of jewelry, from necklaces rings and earrings to anklets, toe rings and body chains. It later diversified into also selling children’s apparel, handbags, shoes, women’s apparel (including dresses, tops, plus size clothing, coordinated sets, work wear, activewear, lingerie and swimwear), accessories like scarves, belts, makeup brushes, watches, a limited selection of makeup and beauty products, and a limited selection of men’s wear.

The company continually updates its stock in order to keep up with fashion and buying trends and adds new items almost every day.

Customers can pay for their purchases using major credit cards, PayPal, Direct Deposits, or through money orders with an additional $10 fee. FashionBella does not accept Cash On Delivery, and ships using UPS, unless specified otherwise by the customer, or when shipping internationally.

Origin and Founding Team

Mysteriously, nothing is known about the company’s founder(s). While FashionBella has existed as a wholesale retailer since July 1986, it was incorporated as a jewelry and fashion wholesale company in January 2004.

Performance and Trends

FashionBella has an annual revenue of around $6.2M, and currently employs 30+ employees.

Its competitors include WholeSaleFashionSquare (whose annual revenue is $10.2M), JT’s Merchandise Outlet Inc. (annual revenue $4.2M) and Tasha Apparel, among others.

The company is listed on several messaging boards and fashion websites as amongst the top online wholesale retailers in the United States, and has received particularly positive reviews for timely shipping. Negative reviews tend to detail poor quality of jewelry.

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