Duku Solutions is streamlining processes into one platform

Duku Solutions is streamlining processes into one platform


Name: Duku Solutions

Legal Name: Duku Solutions Inc.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2013

President: David Licht

Website: http://www.dukusolutions.com/


INDUSTRY – Software Development & Design

Size: $357Bn (2017)

Projections: $446Bn (2020)



Duku Solutions is a software vendor specializing in streamlining business processes and integrating web apps and software into one simple platform. Duku Solutions is the creator of Duku CRM, an agency management platform built for independent marketing organizations that allows customization to fit the needs of each company.

Using experience from the insurance business, Duku Solutions claims to integrate web-based solutions with business consultancy in order to promote growth as well as automate needless redundancies. The software allows for customization, has varied integration options and offers levels of access depending on login information. Duku Solutions emphasizes employee experience in the field of insurance in its claims to help business create web-based solutions for managerial concerns.

The Product

Duku Solutions provides software to streamline management with four major priorities: a) to handle commissions, b) to customize user interface, c) real-time reporting and d) the ability to integrate with other systems, such as third party emails.

All the information comes into one streamlined dashboard – one that allows both external producers and internal stakeholder to keep track of information. To access the software, users pay $85 a month. This includes automated reports, free upgrades, unlimited file storage, real-time reporting, email tracking, phone support, and marketing and sales tools. One of the major features is the ability to track campaigns efficiently, easily calculating return on investment for every campaign to make sure money is spent in an organized manner.

The software is made to integrate easily with third parties in order to free staff from repetitive data entry. Other features include the ability to process new business, manage producers, forecast performance and pay commissions without excess complications. Businesses have access over who can and cannot see certain information, and who can and cannot input new information.

Duku’s CRM includes calendaring, medical records and file repository. For tax purposes, the platform stores each deleted item allowing for easy access during audits. Duku Solutions emphasizes the ability to customize the software according to the needs of each business so that the dashboard, interface and systems of integration can be easily changed for the convenience of the client.

Origin and Founders

Duku Solutions was founded by David Licht in 2013, who has spent 17 years in IT consulting. From his background, Licht claims to have experience working with finance, insurance, IT management as well as healthcare and governmental agencies. He currently is the chief technical officer of Xeddi life insurance, formerly worked at DVL consulting and holds a BS in engineering from University of Michigan. Jo Vincent Ruiz, the chief developer, previously worked as a freelance web developer before working at Duku.

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