TribeFluence is connecting brands with social media influencers

TribeFluence is connecting brands with social media influencers


Name: TribeFluence

Legal Name: TribeFluence Influencer App

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: January 2017

Founder(s): Johnny Vieira


Social Media Following: 540 Likes on Facebook, 256 Followers on Twitter, 12100 Followers on Instagram


INDUSTRY – Digital Marketing

Size: $52Bn in Unites States and Britain alone (Source: Reuters)

Projections: $120Bn by 2021 in United States alone (Source: Forbes)
$105.28Bn globally by 2023 (Source: Grand View Research)



TribeFluence is a digital marketing app that connects branders or advertisers with social media influencers. The app is intended to be used by advertisers to reach target audiences and influencers to monetize more effectively. It is free for download on Google Play and Apple App Store.

The Product

TribueFluence allows branders, advertisers, or anyone who wants to get a product, message or music out to a targeted audience to do so using social media influencers and micro-influencers from all over the world, at a lower cost than a traditional celebrity-driven advertisement campaign.

Advertisers select the size of their desired audience and pay a corresponding fee. The company matches advertisers with social media influencers and micro-influencers best suited for their particular product or target audience, in order to reach the specific audience that would be most interested in that post or product. Social media influencers get paid for sharing the content, and TribeFluence’s website claims that influencers can earn thousands of dollars a week using the app, while companies and branders can reach a global audience without having to wait to grow their own social media presence, or spend heavily on traditional advertising campaigns.

While there are other apps that are based on a similar concept, like #paid, TRIBE and Upfluence, TribeFluence claims that its “growing influencer network” and “dedicated team” set it apart from others. Reviews on Google Play also indicate that users particularly enjoy its easy-to-use interface.

 Origin and Founding Team

TribeFluenceFounder and CEO Johnny Vieira describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur”, in addition to being a music recording artist and producer, who has “nurtured” the likes of pop star Vanessa Hudgens and Janel Parrish. Vieira has several years of varied experience in the music and entertainment industry, having founded companies like FundingMyMusic, Vieira Media Consulting, JOTS Records and JVM.

Vieira says his prior experience and contacts in the music and entertainment industry made it an intuitive decision to enter what he describes as the highly disruptive space of social media influencer marketing, and just involved “turning a few screws” to his regular work and businesses.

Performance and Trends

In August 2018, TribeFluence closed a major deal for an undisclosed amount with Click & Clear Communications, a full-service ad agency in Los Angeles. Thus, Click & Clear became the first authorized TribeFluence Marketing Platform provider in the US, allowing Click & Clear’s clients, which include 7-11, Fantastic Sams, Elite Makeup, Valvoline and The American Cancer Society, to use TribeFluence’s influencer network.

Little is known about TribeFluence’s funding and performances, although the app has been downloaded over 10,000 times on Google Play.

The total number of influencers working with TribeFluence is also currently unknown, but several of those who have reviewed the app on Google Play and Apple App Store, or that use the hashtag #TribeFluenceApp on social media, have tens of thousands of followers and include fashion, beauty and fitness influencers. Founder Johnny Vieira claims that “thousands” of influencers use the app.

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