Stylette – A clothing rental marketplace for kidswear

Stylette – A clothing rental marketplace for kidswear


Name: Stylette

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2018

Founder(s): Gemma Cox, Sheena Jongeneel


Social Media: 15.7K monthly viewers on Pinterest, 422 followers on Instagram, and 24 followers on Facebook 

Industry: Online Clothing Rental 

Size: $1.1B (Source: Research and Markets)

Projections: $2.8B by 2027 (CAGR of 10.9%) (Source: Research and Markets)


Online clothing rental is one of the biggest trends disrupting the fashion industry as millennial parents’ attitude towards owning clothing shifts. As young customers are looking for sustainable ways to shop, Stylette is poised to offer parents the most fashionable outfits for their children while being mindful of their children’s fashion consumption.

Stylette is an online renting platform that enables parents to rent fashion-forward clothing for children. Based in Los Angeles, Stylette brings together unique, high-quality children’s clothing from emerging designers and brands and offers parents access to their revolving closet to dress children for special occasions, daily wear, and seasonal adventures. 

The Product

An assortment of styles curated from the best of kidswear apparel around the world, Stylette helps parents find unique and aesthetically pleasing outfits for every occasion. Beyond the designer labels, the team at Stylette curates outfits based on the best look for children that is also comfortable for them to wear. 

Given the pace at which children outgrow their clothes, Stylette allows parents to rent the best of outfits for special occasions without being too heavy on their pockets. Through their rental platform, parents can dress their kids in the latest fashion at almost 70% of the ticket price. Parents can browse clothing online, select filters by size or age, decide upon the style they wish to rent, and choose to rent it for ten or fifty days. 

With a mission to make it convenient for parents, Stylette takes care of everything from curating the best look to laundry and shipping. Stylette takes responsibility for the laundry of the rented apparel, thereby giving parents the freedom to allow their children to be messy and enjoy occasions. Re-usable packaging and prepaid shipping labels make returning outfits after the event smooth, as well. 

Stylette also offers a monthly membership program, wherein parents can rent two to four outfits for a per month rent. Parents can enroll to be a part of Stylette’s exclusive membership program offering luxury rental service for kidswear. The team at Stylette handpicks children’s clothing from leading designers around the world depending on the member’s preference to dress for an occasion or for daily use. 

The platform offers a revolving closet service online, allowing parents to shop hassle-free for the latest fashion at minimal costs while creating memories for a lifetime.

Origin and Founding Team

Stylette was founded by Gemma Cox and Sheena Jongeneel in 2018. Both founders being mothers themselves understood parents’ frustration in investing in clothes, which kids outgrew very quickly. Most clothes purchased for milestone events like weddings, religious celebrations, or birthdays end up being worn once or twice at best. Having in-depth entrepreneurial experience and years of expertise in the fashion industry, they created Stylette to promote renting fashionable children’s wear as an alternative to buying. 

Stylette was designed to be a platform to help parents who are fashion-conscious to lead a sustainable lifestyle while reducing merchandise waste in a fast-fashion world. A platform built to offer revolving closet services, Stylette helps maximize the use of clothes that kids would otherwise wear only once or twice. 

Performance and Trends

Stylette has raised $50K from Expert Dojo through its participation in the LA-based accelerator’s 2019 cohort of startups that received mentorship and assistance with developing core areas of their business.

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