Elude – Spontaneous, budget-friendly travel recommendations platform

Elude – Spontaneous, budget-friendly travel recommendations platform


Name: Elude

Location: Greater Los Angeles Area, CA

Founded: 2015

Founders: Alex Simon and Frankie Scerbo

Website: http://www.elude.co/

Social Media Following: 27 Followers on Twitter, 832 Followers on Facebook, 7,800 Followers on Instagram, 81 Followers on Linkedin

Industry – Global Online Travel Market

Projections: $1091B by 2022 (Source: Allied Market Research)


If you’re wondering where to head out for your next vacation, but the budget is a hindrance, Elude, a travel discovery and booking platform, is going to make the task a lot easier. Log on to the website and you are presented with a host of destinations – London, Morocco, Tokyo, Moscow, etc. – that would otherwise be impossible to visit on a tight budget. 

The Product

Elude is a spontaneous travel search engine, allowing people to discover and book unique travel packages based on budget and date. 

Elude asks users for their travel budget and dates and presents them with every city in the world they can afford to get to. The platform helps users book the trip through a truly transparent process by curating and presenting travel suggestions solely by keeping their budget in mind, unlike other mainstream travel platforms.

Origin and Founding Team

Elude is a two-member team comprising Co-founder and CEO, Alex Simon and Frankie Scerbo, who is the co-founder and the marketing and creative officer at the startup. Prior to founding Elude, Alex was a fellow at Kairos Society and has also worked at Morgan Stanley. Frankie, on the other hand, has previously worked GMB North America as an analyst and marketing specialist.

Performance and Trends

In May 2019, the company raised $50,000 as a part of the accelerator program at Expert Dojo. According to Alex Simon’s LinkedIn page, Elude is internationally backed by VCs in Singapore and LA with prominent angels in NYC and the UK. 

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