Love Goodly – Bi-monthly beauty box with vegan, cruelty-free products

Love Goodly – Bi-monthly beauty box with vegan, cruelty-free products


Name: Love Goodly

Legal Name: Love Goodly, Inc

Location: Los Angeles, California

Founded: June 2015

Founder(s): Justine Lassof, Katie Bogue Miller 


Social Media Following: 3190 Followers on Twitter, 5840 Followers on Facebook, 19.4K Followers on Instagram

INDUSTRY – Natural Cosmetics

Size: $36B in 2019 (Global) (Source: Future Market Insights)

Projections: $54.4B by 2027 (CAGR of 5.2%) (Source: Future Market Insights)


Love Goodly is a beauty box that focuses on curating vegan, organic, cruelty-free, non-toxic beauty products. Primarily targeted at women, customers purchase subscriptions to a bi-monthly box, and will receive at least 4 full-size health or beauty products in their box. The service is particularly targeted at women who care about animals and the environment, and also donates its earnings from one month, and a portion of each individual sale, to charities working in these fields, which also gains traction among their consumer demographic.

The Product

Customers can opt for Love Goodly’s regular bi-monthly box, which is priced at $34.95, or the VIP box, priced at $48.95, which includes one additional luxury item in addition to those in the regular box, or even opt for a variety of VIP or regular gift boxes for friends and family. 

Love Goodly curates the selection carefully, and items sent to customers include lip balms, moisturizers, facial soaps, lipsticks, eye creams, sprays, mascaras, makeup brushes, healthy snacks, oils, and more. The company introduces customers to new cruelty-free and vegan products they may not know of, and also helps customers build a brand new beauty routine in time. Customers can also buy individual featured products from past boxes on their website. 

Origin and Founding Team

Co-founder Justine Lassoff graduated from Stanford University in 1988, and is the founder of another eco-friendly beauty startup called LovingEco, which organizes flash eco-friendly beauty product sales. She has 14 years of experience working in the marketing field, including at MGM Interactive and Virgin Interactive. She is also a co-founder of Tuesdaynights, a community of entrepreneurs and businesswomen in LA. 

Co-founder Katie Miller graduated from Gettysburg College in 2002, and has about 15 years of experience working in fashion merchandising and store management. She is also the co-founder of eco-CLOSET, which she claims is the first “vegan shoe and accessory club with style and conscience”.

Performance and Trends

Love Goodly has raised $550K in two rounds of funding, the most recent of which was a seed funding round that was completed in June 2018.

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