CultureGap.LA – Bringing community engagement to event promotions

CultureGap.LA – Bringing community engagement to event promotions


Name: CultureGap.LA

Legal Name: CultureGap LLC

Location: Los Angeles, California

Founded: 2016

Founder(s): Tom Nguyen


Social Media Following: 1,167 followers on Instagram, 423 likes on Facebook, and 57 followers on Twitter as on 28 July 2019

Industry – Events Promotions and Marketing

Size: $33B in 2019 (US) growing at a CAGR of 4.6% from 2014-2019 (Source: IBISWorld)


CultureGap.LA is an event promotion company started by Tom Nguyen that focuses on art, culture, and music events in LA. CultureGap.LA claims to have an understanding of the local communities and their choices, knowledge of which it channels into helping promote events to the right audience.

The Product

CultureGap.LA works as an event promotion company for cultural and musical events in LA. They claim to have a good understanding of the cultural arts and world music scene. Their understanding of the needs and requirements of different audiences and niche markets makes them a good partner for those looking to promote their events in LA.

Apart from providing street team marketing services, Culture.Gap.LA also provides digital marketing and project consulting services for events it partners with and helps promote. The street marketing team has a team of ambassadors that help distribute the promotional material effectively and efficiently. The consulting service helps event organizers reach specific communities through engagement initiatives and influencers. The digital marketing team provides social media marketing support and runs online campaigns for the events. These services have helped CultureGap.LA work with clients such as LA Opera, Hollywood Bowl, and Brazilian Nites among others.

Origin and Founding Team

The company was started by Tom Nguyen in 2016. Tom Nguyen, a Vietnamese-born refugee, grew up in Orange County. An African music aficionado, Nguyen started a world culture and music site called Enclave.LA in 2013. Enclave.LA was focussed on bringing to the audience the diverse art and culture of Los Angeles. It was through his work with Enclave.LA that he realized there was “an urgent need for event promotion and street team marketing specifically focused on the multicultural arts and music scene.” Developing the concept further, Tom Nguyen went on to start CultureGap.LA.

Apart from having founded Enclave.LA and CultureGap.LA, Tom has also worked as a software developer for ICL systems and for Tastea in its social media team. He is a passionate salsa dancer and is very immersed in the arts and culture of the various communities and classes of Los Angeles.

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