Glammly – beauty services discovery and aggregation platform

Glammly – beauty services discovery and aggregation platform


Name: Glammly Inc.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Founded: 2018

Founder(s): Andrew Nagle, Laura Nagle


Social Media Following:  2881 followers on Instagram, 32 Likes on Facebook  

INDUSTRY – Beauty Spas and Salons

Size: $128.59B (2017, Global) (Source: “Zion Market Research”)

Projections: $190.81B by 2024, (CAGR of 5.80% between 2018-2024) (Source: “Zion Market Research”)


Glammly is a subscription-based beauty marketplace that offers curated money-saving deals to users and provides businesses a channel they can use to attract customers during unpopular appointment times. The company works off an application that is currently having a private beta and has offices both in Los Angeles and Dublin, Ireland. 

The Product 

The marketplace is accessible to users as an application that hasn’t yet made its way to either the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. Users for the private beta were asked to sign up via the website or the brand’s Instagram account but is now closed to the public (as of July 8, 2019). The company has built up a small digital presence across directories and social media platforms, referring to itself as an ‘app which organizes your beauty appointments and deals, saving you time and money.’ 

Origin and Founding Team 

Glammly is co-founded by Andrew and Lara Nagle. Andrew calls himself an Irish entrepreneur and holds a BA in Economics and the Russian language from Trinity College, Dublin. He has experience of PE and VC operations as an Analyst at HandsOn Global Management, where he provided M&A support, helped with program management, and assisted with Business Development. Following this, he joined an oil and gas procurement marketplace as Head of Operations.

Lara Nagle is a designer based out of London. She has worked in Verve the Live Agency, a PR outfit, as a promotional representative, and as a product designer at The App Business (TAB), a prominent mobile-first agency based out of London and owned by Kin+Carta (formerly St. Ives group). Her LinkedIn profile doesn’t mention Glammly, but she is credited as the Co-founder on the company’s AngelList page.

Performance and Trends

The company has reportedly received an Angel investment of $100K. With the company’s app in private beta, actual downloads and reviews are not available.

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