COMUNITYmade – shoes made in Los Angeles, for Los Angeles

COMUNITYmade – shoes made in Los Angeles, for Los Angeles


Name: COMUNITYmade


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2017

Founder(s): Sean Scott and Shannon Scott


Social Media Following: 12k Followers on Instagram, 1424 Likes on Facebook, 152 Followers on Twitter  

INDUSTRY – Global Footwear Industry

Size: $202.4B in 2018 (Source: Global Footwear Market 2019 Report)

Projections: $269B by 2025 (CAGR of 3.6%) (Source: Global Footwear Market 2019 Report)


COMUNITYmade makes premium shoes that are handcrafted by local artisans from Los Angeles using sustainable materials sourced from trusted organizations. The company’s socially conscious ethos is also captured in its mission – to use these shoes to contribute to the local economy and communities. 

For each pair of shoes it sells, COMUNITYmade donates $10 to Los Angeles-based non-profit organizations. Customers can choose whether they want their contribution to support education, the arts, or homeless programs. Its office in downtown LA also doubles as a showroom and events venue to support local organizations and initiatives. 

The Product 

COMUNITYmade designs and manufactures shoes that focus on functionality and customer comfort. It uses less material as compared to mass-produced shoe brands and lasts longer as the design is focused on durability. The company makes shoes in small batches with unique designs and a combination of materials with the best quality, sourced locally and from a handful of reputed international partners. 

It offers a range of both standard and customizable shoes that are unisex in terms of design and fit. However, customers can bring their shoes to the showroom on specific days if they want to customize them further based on their requirements.  

Origin and Founding Team 

COMUNITYmade was founded by husband-wife duo Sean and Shannon Scott in 2017. The two have collectively worked for over 60 years in brand and product marketing in the apparel and footwear space for brands such as Nike, ASICS, and Toms, among others. Shannon and Sean want to leverage their experience and build a truly local-global brand that espouses the values of giving back to the community and promoting local talent and commerce. 

Performance and Trends

COMUNITYmade sells its products across the United States as well as most countries across the globe, except Mexico and Brazil (they claim to have not found suitable partners in these two countries). The company has also attracted a lot of media attention and collaborated with several other brands, including Adidas. 

In 2019, COMUNITYmade was chosen by AngelPad for its latest New York City startup incubator batch. It also raised around $120K in pre-seed funding early this year.

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