V/One – Simplifying app development for new entrepreneurs

V/One – Simplifying app development for new entrepreneurs


Name: V/One

Legal: V One, Inc.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2019

Founder(s): Jeremy Redman

Website: https://yourvone.com/

Social Media: 474 followers on Instagram, 177 followers on Facebook, 108 followers on Twitter, 65 followers on LinkedIn, and 109 subscribers on YouTube

Industry: Global Mobile App Development Market 

Size: $14B by 2023 (CAGR of 22%) (Source: MarketWatch)


V/One is a concierge mobile app builder for non-technical entrepreneurs. With a mission to build digital products in a convenient and hassle-free manner, LA-based V/One empowers entrepreneurs to create custom apps on the cloud. 

The Product

V/One helps small businesses build a working version 1 or the first version of their digital products. Instead of learning how to code or onboarding CTOs at an early stage, V/One enables entrepreneurs to develop a functional version of their product to validate their core features. 

Using V/One, entrepreneurs can select a design, upload their own, or request the team to design it for them to get started with the development process. The platform then requests brands to narrow down and define their core function – the one thing the app should do in its first version. Once the first version is built, entrepreneurs can suggest add-on features, changes, or modifications to V/One’s Smart Assistant. The proprietary algorithm sends out bids from verified developers or their in-house developers and identifies the lowest cost for the entrepreneur to include these features in the app. 

Entrepreneurs can create seamless digital products using V/One to reimagine their Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The platform helps in reducing the time it takes for entrepreneurs to identify partners and developers to collaborate with to create their digital products. The platform vouches for quality and offers quotes from verified developers with a proven track record to build digital assets for small businesses.

V/One’s solutions offer economical and commercially viable solutions keeping in mind the interests of bootstrapped entrepreneurs. By focusing on the core functionality or what is required for testing the first version, V/One ensures entrepreneurs spend precious capital only on what is necessary for the business at any given point in time. 

A convenient platform backed by skilled developers and designers, V/One requires founders to simply input what features and capabilities they need in their application. The platform takes care of the rest and offers flexible pricing alternatives and monthly plans depending on the requirements of small businesses.

Origin and Founding Team

Jeremy Redman founded V/One in the year 2019. An entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Jeremy has built several 6-figure companies before turning 30. Having stumbled across difficulties as a tech entrepreneur himself, Jeremy founded V/One with a mission to simplify the process of building digital products. 

While apps are a valuable tool for businesses to engage with potential customers, the cost to build an app, Jeremy realized, is too expensive and financially unviable for small businesses. Beyond just a clickable prototype, the startup is reinventing the MVP to build launchable apps with good design and core functionality at lucrative prices.

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