Trapica – Effective targeting for social media ad campaigns

Trapica – Effective targeting for social media ad campaigns


Name: Trapica 

Legal Name: Trapica Ltd.

Location: New York City, New York

Founded: 2016

Founder(s): Michael Teitelman and Yoav Melamed


Social Media Following: 376 Likes on Facebook, 59 Followers on Twitter, 201 Followers on LinkedIn:

INDUSTRY – Marketing Automation Software

Size: $5.10B in 2018 (Source: Mordor Intelligence)

Projections: $14.15B by 2024 (CAGR of 19.2%) (Source: Mordor Intelligence)


Trapica is a New York-based company that offers an AI-driven marketing automation platform that helps brands optimize their targeting capabilities for social media ad campaigns.

The Product 

Trapica’s social media marketing automation platform uses AI to analyze a large number of real-time conversions from a brand’s campaigns to identify the most relevant and high-potential audiences to target. Trapica offers a 2-click integration option to connect a brand’s marketing campaigns to the platform and access a dashboard with the key metrics it optimizes for. 

The algorithm on the platform then analyzes the overall audience a brand reaches with each campaign to identify specific factors leading to conversions. The platform then accordingly updates campaign targets and keywords based on the data collected, and implements the insights for subsequent campaigns to reach the right audience at the right time and convert them. 

Trapica’s platform is also capable of automatically scaling campaigns that are performing best, based on predetermined parameters, without affecting the brand’s ROI. The platform also offers A/B testing features to test existing creatives and determine which of them works best with real-time audiences, and turns off the underperforming creatives. 

The company also offers an advanced product suite for marketers with higher-level capabilities including, but not limited to, predictive targeting, cross-platform targeting, budget management, and campaign creation. Trapica claims that customers using its platform have saved up to 70% in customer acquisition costs and increased their ROI by up to 300%. 

Origin and Founding Team 

Trapica was founded by Michael Teitelman and Yoav Melamed in 2016.  

Michael has previously co-founded two companies and worked as a senior product manager at Nielsen Marketing Cloud. As a part of these roles, he was responsible for buying social ads and over the years, he realized the process for this was quite ineffective. He collaborated with his ex-colleague, data scientist Yoav Melamed, on building a social media marketing solution that could automate and optimize marketing decisions, and the two went on to start Trapica.

Performance and Trends

In 2018, Trapica was chosen to participate in the inaugural batch of the Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator, Powered by Techstars. The company also received funding worth $120k as a part of the accelerator program, along with mentorship from experts across Comcast NBCUniversal’s businesses as well as mentors from Techstars.

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