Timeless Skin Care – natural products for natural beauty

Timeless Skin Care – natural products for natural beauty


Name: Timeless Skin Care

Legal Name: Timeless Skin Care, LLC.

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Founded: January 2009

Founder(s): Alex Pedersen, Veronica Pedersen

Website: www.timelessha.com/

Social Media Following: 19396 Likes on Facebook, 1344 Followers on Twitter, 12800 Followers on Instagram, 714 Followers on Pinterest

App store: 4.9 stars/83 ratings

INDUSTRY – Natural/Organic personal care products

Size: $1.3B (2017) (Source: The Future of Beauty by Nielsen)
Projections: $25.11B by 2025


Headquartered in California, Timeless Skin Care is a natural cosmetics company that aims to sell quality and affordable skin care preparations featuring high concentrations of (biologically) active ingredients. This family-owned business regularly manufactures made-to-order batches of natural anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, scar treatment, and acne skin-care products.

The Products

Timeless Skin Care has a collection of organic formulations ranging from serums and creams to sprays that the company claims has ‘less fillers’ and ‘less chemicals’, while also being paraben-free. It also has a distinctive ‘Pure Line’ that capitalizes on the all-natural moisturizing, soothing and healing properties of organically sourced Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, and Squalane. According to the website, Timeless Skin Care ensures quality control by manufacturing all these skin care preparations on site, without the involvement of any third parties, and in small batches.

Relatively easy on the wallet, their organic serums (1 oz.) and creams (0.5 oz.) are priced between $20.95 and $25.95, while the plant-based Matrixyl 3000™ sprays (4 fl oz.) range from $16.95 to $17.95. Also, items from the ‘Pure Line’ range (1 oz.) cost $9.95. To make such natural beauty solutions more cost-effective, for long term use, 4-8 oz. refill bottles($40.95 to $70.95) are available.

Additionally, the company retails limited edition Beauty Boxes ($59.95), featuring a selection of top products such as Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream and Cucumber HA Spray. Customers can even build their own DIY Beauty Box by selecting five Timeless Skin Care favourites from the entire range, for $79.95.

These Timeless Skin Care products are sold on the company’s official website, mobile app and by a few authorized resellers. The brand doesn’t appear to be overly focused on marketing its app, as it has only around 1000 downloads on Google Play to date. A review on the App Store even claims that the iPhone app’s UX is not very smooth.

Most reviewers have talked about how the products have worked wonders on fixing signs of ageing, apart from being wonderfully moisturizing. Yet, a few reviews outlined incidents of the serums spoiling too soon through oxidization, and some even complained of skin breakouts post application.

Origin and Founding Team

Veronica Pedersen’s first tryst with the skin care industry involved watching her immigrant mother work her way up the ranks to become the corporate manager at a renowned Beverly Hills skincare company. Soon after, Veronica’s mother started her own line of natural herbal skin care products, which sold worldwide. But even after being associated with such an inspiring beacon of success in the beauty space, Veronica chose a vastly different career path. By the time she met her future husband, Alex Pedersen, she was already on her way to becoming a registered nurse.  

Eventually, though, the couple saw merit in harnessing Veronica’s expertise in nursing and Alex’s knowledge of chemical formulations to create beauty products that are good for the skin. So, they set up Timeless Skin Care in 2009. And today, the brand has grown to become a favourite across several households, globally.

Performance and Trends

In a bid to make quality skin care accessible to everyone, Timeless Skin Care caters to customers in the USA and beyond. The brand currently ships its products to Europe, the Middle East, Canada, Australia and East Asia.

In 2016, this Better Business Bureau© accredited company brought in revenues of $5Mn. Most of this success can be credited to Timeless Skin Care’s dealing with China, which accounts for 40% of the company’s wholesale business. “If you are able to tap 1 per cent of the Chinese market, you’re in business,” Pedersen said to Technology Review.

To meet this growing demand from the Asian superpower, Timeless Skin Care even moved from a 2,000-square-foot to a 39,000-square-foot warehouse and grew its team to 25 employees.

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