One on One Flavors is letting customers create their own flavors

One on One Flavors is letting customers create their own flavors


Name: One on One Flavors

Legal Name: One-on-One Flavors Inc.   

Location: Corona, CA

Founded: 2013

Founder(s): Ivan Loochkartt, Michelle Loochkartt


Dedicated e-juice website:

Social Media Following: 12,708 Likes on Facebook, 1,406 Followers on Twitter, 37,900 Followers on Instagram


INDUSTRY: Flavors/e-liquids

Global flavor and fragrance market: $28.2Bn (2017); (Source: IAL Consultants)

US flavor market: $4.87Bn (2025) (Source: Grand View Research)

US e-liquid market: $4.7Bn$8.26Bn (Source: Research and Market, BIS Research, detailed e-liquid report overview)



One on One Flavors is a Corona, CA-based flavor concentrates manufacturer and supplier. These flavors are designed to be used on their own and can also be mixed with bases such as Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and/or Nicotine. OOO Flavors can be used in confectioneries, beverages, ice creams, baking, cookies, candies, lip balms and e-liquids among other things. The company sells its flavors to individuals as well as wholesale clients.

The Product

OOO Flavors has 15 flavor types and 500+ flavors that are available as powders, emulsion, and oils. The sizes range from 10 ml to 1 gallon. The products range between $3.49 (10ml bottles) and $299.99 (1 gallon) depending on the size. Its products have largely had positive reviews (1 2 3 4 5) with a few flavors getting specific negative feedback (1 2).

OOO Flavors’ recent product innovations and launches include the KETO range of flavors and the Zero Syrup range. The KETO flavor range is “gluten-free, vegan, nut and dairy free, Non-GMO, as well as with Zero Carbs, Zero Sugars, and Zero Calories”. The Zero Syrup range promises flavors similar to traditional syrups such as Maple and Strawberry Jam “without having to worry about the extra calories” and preservatives.

OOO Flavors also has a DIY kit, giving customers the freedom the mix their own product while also ensuring compliance with the law – e-liquids are regulated while their components aren’t.

While OOO Flavors doesn’t manufacture the flavors and sources it directly from the manufacturer, they do ‘create’ their own flavors. With a 7000-8000 sq. ft. facility available, OOO Flavors remains stocked up to ensure shipping within 24-48 hours. The company currently ships its products worldwide.

Origin and Founding Team

OOO Flavors was founded by Ivan and Michelle Loochkartt in 2013. Ivan manages the OOO Flavors as CEO. Having previously worked at Aseptic Solutions Inc. (ASI) USA (purchased by Glanbia in 2012) and grown in the organization to become Director of Sales, Ivan has had extensive experience in the beverage industry.

Performance and Trends

While the initial focus of OOO Flavors was on e-liquids with products as well as content bring created focusing on it, OOO Flavors in now expanding its focus to wider applications of flavors such as baking, beverages, etc. with product launches as well as acquisitions. In October last year, OOO Flavors bought, a supplier of baking supplies and flavor concentrates. The company website indicates that OOO Flavors plans to launch in Canada soon.

OOO Flavors’ co-packaging work is done in partnership with Cali Co-Packing, a contract packaging company. Cali Co-Packing is also owned by Ivan (ownership relations; alternate). In 2016, Cali Co-Packing ran into some minor obstacles while applying for permission to produce e-liquids in the state of Indiana. However, it seems to have been quickly resolved.

The $28.2Bn (2017) global flavors and fragrances industry is estimated to reach $36Bn by 2022, growing at 4.9% CAGR. Flavors constitute 56% of the market. The US flavors market is expected to reach $4.9Bn by 2025. The US e-liquid market is expected to grow into a $4.7Bn$8.3Bn industry by 2025, with double-digit CAGR. A 2016 report on the e-cigarette industry by EY focusing on 7 Asian and European countries found that users do have varied preferences for flavors.


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