Recyclebank Wants to Pay You for Recycling!

Recyclebank Wants to Pay You for Recycling!

Being good pays off! Quite literally with Recyclebank. The startup is making a difference by educating users about recycling in a fun and entertaining way. You know what else? You can learn points while learning! All you have to do is make sure your city’s waste haulers have partnered with Recyclebank.

If you are reading this, you definitely have an opportunity. An opportunity to make a conscious choice – what you buy, how you use it, and how you dispose of it. Each of these choices has consequences. On the planet, it’s environment and of course, the homes and streets we live in.

By making smarter choices, you can minimize your impact on the planet and preserve the environment. One such choice is recycling.

Recycling is one of the most important things you should consider doing to save the environment. It is the need of the hour. It helps reduce landfills, reuse materials, and save the economy.

Here’s an infographic on the advantages of recycling:

Given that, it is disappointing to see that we are not recycling enough.

Recycling rates are low across the world. According to the latest US Environmental Protection Agency, only 34.3 percent of the total waste generated in the United States is recycled. That translates into more than 4 pounds of waste generated per person that is dumped in landfills and oceans.

It is high time the numbers change. Don’t you think?

The question is – how do we do that? A startup in New York City seems to have an answer.

Recyclebank started with a motive to educate and inspire people towards creating a sustainable future. Since its inception in 2007, the startup is encouraging people to learn and practice eco-friendly methods of waste disposal.

The startup’s story begins when two high school friends, Patrick FitzGerald and Ron Gonen, realised that they can nudge and reward people to make sustainability matter. Rewards are particularly useful since they can turn recycling from a one-off activity to a regular habit.

They started partnering with cities. Recycled containers with embedded chips are provided to each partnered city. Each one of these chips is allocated to a particular household.

This means that when the waste haulers pick up your container, they can read that chip and calculate how much waste material has your home recycled. Based on the quantity of the recycled material, you will receive a certain amount of points.

Watch the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Recyclebank Ron Gonen explain the idea behind incentivizing recycling:

Join the path towards a waste-free future

Recyclebank is also rewarding its members for learning about eco-friendly lifestyles. Their website is loaded with articles, quizzes, and tips on various topics that help you become more informed.

Every day, the website adds new opportunities to gain more points. For instance, you can win points by taking eco-challenges or by pledging to make more sustainable choices.

Once you have enough points you can redeem them into discount offers, donations, or even savings. Recyclebank is partnered with several local fitness centers, spas, museums, supermarkets, and other entertainment attractions. All these places allow you to cash your points.

Still unsure? Watch this animated video on how Recyclebank makes recycling more lucrative:

Change starts at home

Recyclebank isn’t just motivating members but also its employees. Employees can participate in volunteering activities conducted by several nonprofit organizations. The startup has supported hundreds of diverse communities to improve waste diversion rates.

Taking it up a notch, Recyclebank also started the Green Schools Program.

The company encourages elementary and secondary schools to submit a recycling proposal with a budget up to $2,500. Top proposals are posted on the Recyclebank website. Users and partnered communities can read these proposals and donate their points in support.

The selected schools, their students, and partnered communities work together to educate residents. Schools can also organize campaigns to collect donations. Recyclebank transfers all the donation points into real dollars for the schools.

Recyclebank runs the Green Schools Program

Actions garner responses!

Since 2009, Recyclebank has been a certified B Corporation. It gained the reputation of meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. Over four million users have already signed up with them.

Leading publications and organizations are recognizing Recyclebank’s efforts. The fact that the company bagged several awards proves the same. Recently, Fast Company ranked the business No.37 on their list of World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies.TIME Magazine had earlier named them the Responsibility Pioneer in their 2009 edition.

With the help of their users, the startup reduced its carbon footprint by nearly 30% between 2011 and 2012. Their Green School program has also become quite popular. Since 2007, Recyclebank has granted close to $400,000 to more than 125 schools.

Changes like this go a long way towards preserving the environment. Recyclebank is helping people and their families make a positive impact on our community.

As former CEO Javier Flaim says,

We still very much believe and now empirically can prove that incentives and education can change behavior. If we collaborate with multiple constituents — cities, private sector, et cetera — we can create real-world impact.

So why don’t you join the Recyclebank family too? Do your duty towards our community. To sign up, go online at RecycleBank or call 1-888-727-2978 to sign up over the phone.

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