Leadr – A new social media platform for real-life experiences

Leadr – A new social media platform for real-life experiences


Name: Leadr

Legal Name: Leadr, Inc

Location: Los Angeles, California

Founded: August 2017

Founder(s): Hunter Isaacson

Website: https://www.theleadrapp.com/

Social Media Following: 3 Followers on Twitter, 68 Followers on Facebook, 356 Followers on Instagram

INDUSTRY – Mobile Apps

Size: $365B in 2018 (Global) (Source: Statista)
Projections: $935B by 2023 (Source: Statista)


Leadr allows users to earn points for all facets and components of daily life, like going out to meet friends, going to restaurants, shopping, or having other experiences: it calls itself a “Gamified Reward Driven Social Media” experience. Users can upload content, like photos and pictures, all to gain points and move higher on the LeadrBoards, which grant them more visibility as content creators and social media personalities. The app also plans to allow users to redeem points for discounts at restaurants and events. Given the youth of its founder, the points of reference used on their official website and the nature of the app, the app seems to be intended for young, extroverted users, particularly those with active social lives. 

The Product

Leadr wants real-life activity to be translated to social media influence, and the point-based system through which users engage with the app allows them to earn social media visibility by increasing their scores, thus supposedly levelling the playing field for content creators. It allows users to gain influence and visibility in a systematic way that’s mirrored by their real lives. 

Currently available in beta and in the process of finalising the development of its iOS app, the app also claims to solve “all” the problems presented by Instagram and Snapchat, and wants to “usher in a new age of social media”. Their website boasts a tile-based interface that’s designed for large phone screens, and will launch officially on the iOS App store in late 2019. 

Origin and Founding Team

The concept of “Gamified Reward Driven Social Media” came to founder Hunter Isaacson in August 2017. By December 2017, he formed a strategic partnership with Wve Labs to help develop the platform and idea, and named the platform Leadr on January 2, 2018. On August 22, college students Steven Tan and Zachary Braden joined the Leadr executive team. Leadr was featured in January 2019 at the Startup Grind Global Conference. 

Performance and Trends

Leadr earned $60K in pre-seed funding on February 13, 2018, primarily from friends and family. Their website also claims that they have an additional $30K committed to them. 

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