KiiTO is selling the “cleanest” protein drink online

KiiTO is selling the “cleanest” protein drink online


Name: KiiTO

Legal Name: KiiTO Inc.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: April 2018

Founder(s): Grant Tungate, Kendall Dreyer, Dan Goldman


Social Media: 14500 Followers on Instagram, 265 Likes on Facebook, 125 Followers on Twitter


INDUSTRY – Organic Food/Nutritional Supplements

Size: $49.4Bn (2017); 30% (~$13Bn) is direct-to-consumer (Source: Organic Trade Assoc. Survey)

Projections: $70.4Bn by 2025



KiiTO Inc. is a health and fitness product company that sells what it claims is the “cleanest” protein drink currently available in the market, aimed at maximizing brain function, energy, mood, immunity and fitness. The company currently sells 3 different flavors of their eponymous protein drink, packed with “plant-based protein” (which is more sustainable and easier to digest than animal-based protein) and so-called “superfoods”, and ships all over the United States.

The Product

According to its website, KiiTO drinks are free from added sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, natural and artificial flavors, and gums. Their website also says that KiiTO drinks have the protein drink industry’s leading protein to sugar ratio, with 20g of protein to 1g of sugar. The drinks come in three “superfood”-based flavors: Vanilla Ashwagandha, Chocolate Maca and Matcha Moringa.

Unlike many protein drinks, KiiTO isn’t aimed exclusively at gym-goers. According to their website, it’s for anyone looking for a meal replacement, a healthy alternative to a dessert or sugar craving, or a pick-me-up between meals, in addition to a pre or post gym boost. The drinks are available on the company’s website, where customers can purchase a case of 12 bottles at $65 per case, or multiple cases shipped weekly, at a 10% discount. KiiTO drinks are also sold individually at $4.99 at select retailers. All prices are as of publishing.

KiiTO’s clean packaging and LA-aesthetic seems to mirror the nature of their social media presence, and perhaps their target audience: while they may have only a few hundred Likes and Followers on Facebook and Twitter, KiiTO boasts 14,000+ followers on Instagram, and their clean-cut website features testimonials from a number of Instagram influencers.

Origin and Founding Team

Conceptualized in 2015 by Kendall Dryer, Grant Tungate and Dan Goldman, the company was incorporated in 2018. Both Dryer and Tungate say their passion for natural foods and holistic health, in addition to a recognition of the space in the market for their product, led to KiiTO’s development. KiiTO works closely with BeyondBrands, a beverage incubator and accelerator.

Co-founder and Chief Sales Officer Kendall Dryer graduated from the University of Southern California and worked in a number of holistic health organizations, including Malibu Acupuncture and Herbs, before founding KiiTO in 2015. Co-founder and CEO Grant Tungate graduated from Michigan State University, with a degree in finance. Co-founder Dan Goldman also graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in finance, and reportedly has 10+ years of experience in food and beverage venture investing.

Performance and Trends

Perhaps given its recent launch, very little is known about its current performance, projections, and sources of funding, beyond that it has three unnamed investors.

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